Chile By Andrew Sheldon, Abby Aslinger, and Harrison Boadu


The best city for where the world cup is held, should be Santiago, which is the capital of Chile. The exact location is Nunoa district of Santiago. Some tourist attractions in Santiago are the La Moneda Palace, San Cristobal Hill, Santa Lucia Hill, and many more. About 6,544,000 people live in Santiago, but the population of Chile is 18,313,495. The urban population of Chile is 89.4% and the rural is 10.6%. "Due to its central location and natural surroundings, it is quite possible to ski and go to the beach in the same day." (Quote from Enforex. com)


On the chosen stadium, construction began in 1937. The stadium was one of the venues for the FIFA World Cup in 1962, and hosted the final. It was used as a prison camp and torture facility by the military regime following September 11th, 1973. It is sometimes referred to as the first 9/11.

This picture relates to Chile, because it is a picture of Inca statue. They were a tribal group a long time ago that lived in lots of Chile and other countries.

Our stadium!

Government/ Economic type

Chile has a unitary based government which means that one government has all power. The current president of Chile is Michelle Bachelet. Citizens participate in a democratic based platform. Chile has a mixed economy, but it leans towards market.

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