L, Denny Art 1 Portfolio

Principles of Design
Elements of Design
Elements of Design
Art Card: My inspiration for this card was the word continuing. This word to me, meant I would continue growing in myself and in school.
Observational Drawing: I drew this using different stroking methods to give shadow and define features.
Observational Drawing:
Skull Drawing: I made this piece using different stroking methods and finding shadows along the skull.
Cones & Cylinders: Making 3-D shapes and using light and shadows.
Cubes: 1 Point perspective and drawing 3-D boxes from one point on the paper.
Cylinder: Using my blending stump and tissue it helped me create this shadow.
Blind Hand Drawing: Not looking at my hand and not lifting my pencil
Realistic Ears: Looking at examples of different and classmates ears
Pair of Eyes: Using circles stencils and the ABCDE method to space out my eyes perfectly
3 Lips: This was most difficult for me and took a lot more practice to get the perfect lips.
Noses: Using my blending tools to create perfect shadows
Puppets: Our class was responsible for making the elands for the Puppet Show. We got the opportunity to work with Donovan.
In my work I used different object and symbols to represent me. I used a horse to symbolize strength and beauty. To one of my horses I added a red wig to show one of my favorite qualities of myself, my red hair. This work of art was one to make because I could be as creative as I wanted and it all was different parts of me.
Pop Art
Pop Art
Self Portrait
Self Portrait
On my mask I used a lot of the same elements as I did in my surreal graphic art. I used horse ears to symbolize my strength. I added a lime as an eye because my name means, Island of lime trees. I also used a map in the background to symbolize my love for exploring and traveling.
New York Early Morning, Leonid Alfremov: This art really stood out for me because of all the fun colors. I got up to NYC quite often. I love it up there. Sometimes the city can be seen as gross and filthy. This piece of work shows me another side of the city that is bright and fun if you put some of your art into it.


Created with images by consultingpractices - "Wait little girl for fate to turn the light on 2013-CMP-7470"

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