Canbury School Newsletter 28th May 2021. Issue 236

Dear Families, Friends, Students and Staff

There could be no other photograph for the top of this week's Newsletter than the one you see. Sixth Formers Felix (Mr 7.31), our 18th birthday girl Jasmina (Curls) and Luca (Mr 7.50) have had seven, five and four year journeys at Canbury respectively. Today was their last official day at school, although we will see them a few more times before school really is over for good. In the meantime see if you can spot the difference in the photo below - Mrs Rich and photoshop are firm friends. Bailey (Mr Cool) has been with us for the two years of Sixth Form - but wasn't in today.

End of an era - it really is.

I'm excited about our next half-term which is not only my last (HOW did we get here?!) but is jam-packed with well-being activities for all. We have all been under so much pressure for such a long time - next half term is all about just taking time to find our balance and just learn how to breathe again, be in the moment and be calm. Apart from the end of term activity day, there will be no charge.

Assembly was a joyous affair today with the announcement of the final line-up for Head Girl - congratulations Ottilie, and Head Boy - congratulations Harry A. You are going to be splendid ambassadors for Canbury both within our walls and further afield. See below for Ms Boggi's very impressive table of who is now responsible for what.

All that remains for me to say is, enjoy the half-term break. You can all truly rest and relax and re-charge your batteries in preparation for the remaining four weeks of this school year. See you bright and breezy at 8.10am on Monday 7th June.

Kind regards

Ms Clancy


Students of the week

Year 7

All of Year 7 for their conduct and maturity in exams - well done!

Year 8

Chloe for her delicately detailed work in Graphics on street art and surrealism.

Well done to Angus, Ollie, Thomas, Layla, Chloe, Freddie and Karim for the mature approach to preparing for and sitting their mathematics exams this week.

Year 9

Take a bow Connor, Anders, Flora, Adam, Hannah, Carl, Ross, Orlanda and Zac for the mature approach you showed in your Mathematics exams this week.

Year 11

Evie, Max, Louis, Armani, Rhian and Aansh for finally finishing all their photography GCSE work this week! Well done for all your hard work over the course.

And here are the Year 11 students and staff in their last English class. Mrs Burke said she was sad it was the last one - what brilliant students you must all have been!

Armani, Seb and Harry B have produced some wonderful Spanish phrase books as a summary of everything they have learned in their GCSE Spanish course. Let’s hope they get to use them in Spain soon!

Excellent work from all the Year 11 Mathematicians looking at budgeting and thinking about their financial futures this week.

A shocking photograph supplied by Ms Clancy of the Year 11s tucking into end of exams/nearly end of Year 11 pizza. What can we say? Left to right: Ellie, Aansh, Harry B, Seb, Ms Campera, Louis and Ms Hurrell.

Spanish student stars of the week

Mrs Porter has been very impressed with the effort and sensible attitude in the Spanish end-of-year exams from all students in all year groups this week with some very good results. ¡Estupendo!

A free online maths summer club for your child - they are going to love you for it!

Ever on the look-out for opportunities to boost our students’ Mathematical abilities, Ms Boyle has stumbled across a once-in-a-lifetime offer! Until 14th June you can sign your child up FREE for a seven week summer Maths programme.

Students complete a quick placement quiz to set their work and then get recommended topics to help them improve the most over seven weeks. Participants get unlimited access to review questions, watch videos and enjoy live chat support with real teachers over the holidays. You'll also get weekly reports on how they're doing. The minimum recommended work is one lesson a week, which should be around 30 minutes of work.

Each week will see competitions to boost motivation and engagement - from who’s given the most thoughtful explanation to a problem to what team has the highest amount of points ... plus there are real prizes up for grabs!

Sign-up deadline: June 14th (Get Eedi Summer Club for free until this date)

Summer Club Starts: July 5th

Summer Club Ends: August 23rd

Sign up on this link to get the offer automatically applied to your account: https://eedi.com/summer-club?via=teacher-invite

If you have any questions, please contact family@eedi.co.uk directly.

This Summer Club has been put together by the team behind Diagnostic Questions which is a site your child will be familiar with from Maths lessons. It is a good opportunity to develop your child's mathematical confidence so if they are interested make sure you sign up by the 14th June to get free access.

Sports studies news and Games round-up

This week saw the culmination of our units of work for this half-term. On Monday KS3 completed their “new sports” unit of work by learning about, and playing, the ancient game of Kabaddi. The blue team came out as the overall champions after competing in games of Ultimate Frisbee, Capture the Flag, Gaelic Football and Kabaddi.

KS3 & 4 also had our final sessions of cricket and softball down at Malden Wanderers. Although the weather hasn’t always been kind to us on these afternoons, they have been really enjoyable with the students making lots of progress and having fun at the same time.

Looking forward to next half-term, please cast your eye over the timetable further down for Games. On the days that Key Stage 3 students have their water sports sessions at Albany Park, they must come to school dressed in old clothes they don’t mind getting wet and bring a towel with them (as per the information letter sent home previously).

As a reward for completing their BTEC Sport Level 2 course, the Year 11s have been “hitting” the driving range for their lessons this week. The students had a tee-rific time, with Ellie recording the furthest drive of over 150 yards! All in all, an un-FORE-gettable trip.

Alex W gets out on the driving range. Mr Barnes you ought to be ashamed of yourself writing such copy.

It's the simple things in life...

On Monday Year 7 enjoyed an ‘Exams Breakfast’ of strawberries, pain-au-chocolat and toast with jam hosted by Mrs Knivett, Mr Temple and Ms Haines which helped get the week off to a great start. Unfortunately the photo we took did not make the grade for the Newsletter - was it sticky jammy fingers which got in the way? We'll never know.

Meanwhile William, Ethan and Logan have been busy gardening this week. They have planted lots of new pots with lovely, flowering bedding plants to brighten up the front of the school.

Ethan (left) and William with their handiwork - but where's Logan? We'll take a photo at the end of term to show you how well our horticulturists looked after their plants.

Have you seen these explorers?

The Duke of Edinburgh expeditioners were still out in the field at the time of writing the Newsletter. Here they are just before they set off on Wednesday and out testing their map reading skills in the Surrey Hills. Thank you to Mrs Veacock and Mr McGregor for giving up their time to facilitate this practice expedition for the Silver badge. We will bring you more photos in the next Newsletter.

Canbury Garden Party

Mrs Rich's Craft Club members on Thursday have been busy making items for sale at the Canbury Summer party. Don't forget we are on the look-out for donations for the tombola - fancy goods, chocolates, bottles, stationery, sumptious smellies, good quality books, jewellery.....thank you.

Sports timetable for the last half term - so many opportunities, so little time!

House News

Don't break the egg challenge:

1st - Orlanda + Izzy + Hannah

2nd - Matthew A

3rd - Aansh.

Congratulatuions all.

The next House Challenge should keep you busy over the half term break, should you be idling about and sick of being asked to help around the house. Produce a piece of creative writing (it could be a poem, a play, a short story, a paragraph of prose....) around any subject you choose. 100 HP are up for grabs and there is no word limit. All submissions should be with sent to Mrs Veacock or Mr Bourgi by Tuesday 8th June. What are you waiting for?

Chloe gets stuck right in!

Here's our Chloe in Year 8 who had so much fun last weekend taking part in a colour obstacle run. It was a 5km run over giant inflatables where participants are doused in coloured powder. The photos show Chloe at the finish line (left) and pictured half way around with her equally smiley friend Hannah. Very well done girls!

Out of school offers and opportunities galore.

Have you say - share your views and help make a difference.

Invitation to parents to complete survey for the Educational Psychology Service

The Educational Psychology Service within Achieving for Children (AfC), wants to hear from all parents/carers across Kingston and Richmond for their views about the type of information you would like to see online about its Educational Psychology Service. In this way they hope to ensure their website meets the needs of parents and guardians in these two boroughs. This survey has four parts and should take no longer than five minutes to complete. The survey is optional.

Follow the link to access the survey: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfa2o2SsvRLN1cBxCXrV46rLwZfh_ZpJWN_oMnikTonvRFFWg/viewform

Please share with parents/carers. Deadline for response: Friday 18 June 2021