Noella Silvas Genius Hour How can I make 50 desserts from 50 States?

Blog Post 1

I HAVE DECIDED TO FOCUS ON MAKING 1 DESSERT FROM EACH STATE AND TRYING TO SEE HOW MY FAMILY LIKES THEM. This is important to me because I will be spending sometime with my dad because he will be helping me. This is an important project to me because my dad and I always bond over cooking/baking. I am very interested in baking and cooking, and by doing this I will be expanding my skills by learning how to bake all different types of desserts. I might continue with this project later on and just branch out to food instead of desserts, this should be an interesting project.. My goal for this project is to for sure finish it and know what types of desserts they eat. I think learning about different food culture is very cool so it should be a fun project. I will measure my goals by logging the desserts and what state it was from. There will be 50 different types of desserts so I will definitely need to keep track of what one is which. I really am looking forward to this project and to be able to try 50 different types of desserts.

Blog Post 2

I have learned that my topic has been really interesting. There are so many different types of desserts out there. Each state has a different dessert sure but their are so many different types of ingredients involved to make each thing different. I have learned that I am very capable of doing things under the set time when I am interested. I have had to push myself to make each dessert because of a tight schedule. This project has brought me and my dad closer together because we have been spending time together and been talking about it even when we aren’t around each other. My family so far has loved this project as well because they like trying the new desserts. I used cook books that my family and grandparents have had and used the internet to find some other recipes that I didn’t have. I will continue with what I am doing by using the some different sources for the different states but I will talk with my family and see where some of the cookbooks where from to see some of the desserts. I will need to upload pictures and reviews from my family to my soon to be website.

Blog post 3

I am still learning new types of desserts and experiencing what others are eating. I think it is so interesting to see that some states are so different in the styles they eat are very similar to the way I eat. I have learned that I would actually like to go and visit some of the states because I think it would be interesting to see what other things they eat. This project has not been easy and I feel like I need to step it up a little bit more because there are 50 states and I am trying to make the most famous dessert so it does take awhile to figure out. My mom and I went through some old books and found more of my great grandma’s cookbooks. I have mainly been using internet sources to find the most famous dessert. I will continue to take pictures of what I’m making and store them in a file until I am ready to make the website. I will also need to continue to research the most famous dessert in certain states I have not done yet. I was also considering of going in alphabetical order for pictures and reviews from my family on my website, but I have not decided completely if that is what I will be doing.

Blog Post 4

I continue to learn more and more about my project every time I make a desert. Not only does it make me want to travel and visit those places it makes me want to learn more and more about their culture and state. Again it makes me realize how interested I am in this project. I thought I would like this assignment but it’s been a lot easier and fun that I thought because I chose a good topic and a topic that I am interested in. I will continue to to use the internet for this project. I have to say it isn’t as easy as I thought it would be. The “research” hasn’t really been research but a lot of websites are saying different things so I have to find a really reliable resource. I am continuing to work on my final blog project. It’s been weird to find out how this site works because I haven’t ever used it before so I’m learning new things. I need to keep up what I am doing so I don’t get behind.

Blog post 5

Last week I learned that the salted caramel chocolate cake is so good. I have been satisfied with most of the desserts but also this one has definitely been my favorite. I have learned that I like salted caramel chocolate cake is very good. I have actually never had it before which is surprising because I was born in California and i lived there for a while. My main research source is always going to be online. My Nana and Opa live in California so they also told me that is the most popular and most loved dessert there. I will be working on my final project still. I need to get all my pictures together and get them on my final blog. This has honestly been an easy but yet hard project for me to complete. It has been hard because it has had a lot of time dedicated to it. So much time was required for ingredients and even the baking part. I am pretty happy with what I chose because it got me to spend time with my dad and school more.

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