A picnic with the band and the football team By: Natalie, India, Devin, Zeke

The benefits of diversity

Diversity plays a very important role in our society as of today. Diversity has a number of benefits, such as improvement in problem- solving, better use of talent, and problem solving abilities. Margaret A Neale states that, “ You wouldn't necessarily think that the conflict caused

by diversity could lead to better performance, or that a team that feels more comfortable with itself in fact underperforms, but that’s what studies shows”. Sometimes race diversity can causes problems within the group, but also can create amazing opportunities to succeed.

Diversity is also important for being able to work with others even though it may not be comfortable, evidence shows “ What feels good may not always reflect the performance of the team.” One of the most interesting recent findings in the area of work-team performance is that no matter what you do, you have to work together because you can’t achieve greatness without each other. Also group conflict can occur, but that is what makes a team strong, “ Of course, we’re talking about intellectual conflict, debate, and controversy, not personality conflict,” is how Neale views group conflict. Overall there are many things that we couldn’t accomplish without the help of a group.

Explanation of event

By bringing these two diverse groups together, we will organize a picnic / bonfire. These two events will allow each group to talk and get to know each other . This event will take place on April 8th @ 7:30 PM. At this get together we will be playing corn hole, ultimate Frisbee, flag football, and dodge ball. But all of the groups will be mixed together. We will be eating BBQ, with a little bit of karaoke .

Explanation of two groups that THe picnic is bringing together

These two groups are very diverse, and it is important to bring these two groups together. The band people are constantly focused, studying, and playing their music. The football team is always lifting weights, practicing, and pumped up. Most of the football team aren't really focused on school as much and the band. This event could bring these two groups, because maybe the band kids could possibly encourage the football team to focus more on school. School is just as important as after school activities. The band kids just know how to manage their time, but it is the complete opposite for athletes.

benefits for the groups and community

The community would majorly benefit from this picnic / bonfire. One way the community would benefit from this is , the football team wouldn't be stereotyped like the way they are now. The football kids could get familiar with music that they don't know about. The band kids could also get familiar with different sports they don't know about. Also each group could get could get to know each other.

Challenges of this event.

Some of the challenges that we would face during this picnic is that we would have trouble engaging in a actual conversation. Also the two groups was migrate towards their own crowd when group games are played, but the goal is to combine the groups together. Certain types of games could be unfair, it is important to play games that benefit both groups.

Work cited

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