Portraits of Fashion Models Ohhhhhhhhhhhh yeah

Basis of the project

The basis of this portraits project is to take pictures of fellow classmates in total of 2 weeks. There was no requirements in any poses or objectives, it was more for us to expand our skills in portrait photography.

Senior model Joey J. from Serra High School strikes another iconic pose as he wows his fans with his stunning looks. This photo was taken outside of 200 buildings on a partly cloudy day. I had classmates hold reflectors to brighten up his face even more. Joey's natural pose with his hands behind his head leads directly to his eyes which is the most important subject of the photo.

F-Stop: f/11

ISO: 100

Exposure time: 1/160sec

Focal Length: 75mm


Here we have Jolene G. standing in front a wall where only her beauty shines clear. I was able to have the fstops as low as possible to get this blur affect, this wall is near the lunch courts and again on a partly cloudy day, classmates had to hold up the white reflectors to brighten up her face.

F-Stop: f/1.8

ISO: 100

Exposure Time: 1/1000sec

Focal Length: 50mm

1. Daina 2. Mason 3. Joey

Sophomore Daina A. stunts a spicy glare when she knows her future modeling career is on a rise. The setting here is right next to the 200 buildings, as well as her choice of clothing where she is comfortable but still looks amazing.

1. F-stop: f/5

Exposure Time: 1/200sec

ISO: 1000

Focal Length: 155mm

Sexy Mason Man K. gives a stern look to his female fans awaiting for his autograph while his modeling sesh is ongoing. I really like this photo because its of its clarity. Mason between the background gives a nice contrast to focus on him. This photo was unedited and taken straight from the camera which came out nicely without any work done on it.

2. F-stop: f/4.5

Exposure Time: 1/160 sec

ISO: 100

Focal Length: 95mm

Jungle Man Joey J. hidden in the leaves of Serra High School shows excitement when he first experiences the fresh air of its environment. I like this photo because of the framing. The leaves makes the viewer focus straight down the middle straight on to joey. Especially his eyes, which I notice first and naturally gravitate there.

3. F-Stop: f/4.5

Exposure Time: 1/200 sec

ISO: 100

Focal Length: 105mm


Here we have another A1 Jolene special standing in front of a bunch of bushes where she shines out from others and knows she aint no bush. This picture was also taken behind the 200 buildings, what I like this photo is that the background is mostly green while Jolene's shirt is blue which makes her stand out.

F-stop: f/5.6

Exposure Time: 1/400sec

ISO: 100

Focal Length: 300mm


After this project, I learned that it is much harder to get the person comfortable and get to do cute poses, unless your name is Joey. So I learned to make the person feel comfortable and relaxed, making them laugh will also give you nice candid photos. Also trying to find the right setting to create unique photos and not repetitive ones was also a challenge for me. But in the end, I gained more knowledge from this and will be using it into my work starting now.

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