30 Board Game Sarah amundsen & gabriela rodriguez

30 is route building game in which each player must build a route to reach the number 30. Be careful! Cards are drawn every round that can affect reaching 30. 2 to 4 players.

What You'll Need:

  • Game Board
  • Event Cards
  • (30) 6 Die
  • 1 Regular Dice
  • 4 Player Pawns

Game Setup

  1. Place the 6 face dice on each marked spot on the board. Each dice will be rolled to a random number.
  2. Shuffle the events cards and place where all players can reach it.
  3. Place the players pawns at the starting point.
  4. Each player keeps track of their points on a sheet of paper, starting from 0.

How to Play

  1. Each player has a pawn.
  2. The first player rolls the dice and can move that many points on the board.
  3. Make your way to a dice so you can collect that number of points to reach 30.
  4. Once you reach a dice, take the number on the top and add it to your points.
  5. Once you collect the points from the dice lower the dice value by 2 numbers.
  6. When the dice goes below 1, take if off the board.
  7. Each player must take 1 event card every round after their turn.
  8. If the event card is simply a plus or minus points card, it just affects your score (don’t show it until the point count!). If it affects the board, you can play it any time during your turn (unless it specifically says you can play it anytime).
  9. Once you reach 30, call for a point count! (If you call for a point count, but no one has over 30 points, you lose 5 points and the game continues.) If you have over 30 points and called for the point count, you win. If you don’t, but another player does have more than 30 points, the player with the highest points wins.
  10. If you run out of event cards, the game ends and the person with the highest number of points wins.

On Each Player’s Turn

  1. You can use an event card (If you can or want to.)
  2. Roll the dice
  3. Move your pawn that many steps on the board in any direction.
  4. If you reach a dice, add that number to your score. If you don’t reach a dice skip to step 6.
  5. Lower the dice by 2 numbers. (If that makes it below 1, remove it from the board)
  6. Take 1 event card.
  7. Use an event card (if you can or want to).

Keep your event cards hidden! You don't want your opponents to know if you're close to reaching 30.

The first player to reach 30 wins!

Calculate your score by adding your dice points, which you’ve been tracking on paper, and event cards. This score must add up to 30. Show your work!

Playing Materials

Event Cards

  • 10: +1 Point Cards
  • 10: -1 Point Cards
  • 7: +2 Points Cards
  • 5: +3 Points Cards
  • 5: -3 Points Cards
  • 6: Move to any location on the board Cards
  • 5: Move anyone player to the start Cards
  • 3: Steal 6 points from another player and add them to your total Cards
  • 5: Increase the value of one of the dice by 2 Cards
  • 6: Decrease the value of one of the dice by 2 Cards
  • 3: Decrease another player’s point value by 4 (Thic can be used at any time, but must be done before the other player declares they won) Cards
  • 3: Re-Roll Dice values for 2 dice locations on the board (This includes any locations where the die has already been removed) Cards
  • 2: +6 Points Cards


Created with images by Skitterphoto - "dice reflection six"

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