Panic & Patience Building community through art, education, and social justice.

Hand of Free - Artwork by Ricardo Chucky

Hosted by Jae Williams this podcast highlights the work of artists, storytellers, entrepreneurs, educators, athletes, and community leaders exploring issues affecting marginalized communities and how we as change leaders can create space and support efforts of change. Anchored with the understanding that this work is an urgent ever-changing process of dismantling social constructs, unconscious bias, and systematic oppression while building for a future that allows for cultural humility, inclusion, and community growth.

"I'm planting seeds that I may not see grow.." ~Alton Glass
RIP Chadwick Boseman - Artwork by Nikkolas Smith
Artwork by Delmaine Donson
"This pandemic allowed me to align with my purpose" ~ Fulu Mugovhani
Artwork by Natalia Murobha
"It cost you more to do everything yourself..." Samantha Banks
"It didn't occur to me that they could say no..." Dr. Jonathan Jackson
Artwork by Kia Movafegh
"At that moment I knew I had to do this..." ~Bertand Boyd
"Service is an everyday thing... it's in my DNA." ~ Omari Aarons
Artwork by Floyd Strickland
"If you survive the streets no board room or classroom could ever intimidate you.." ~ Dr. Rufus J. Faulk
Artwork by Alvin Pbx
""My purpose is to ensure everyone has a seat at the table & can eat .." ~ Lori Nelson
Artwork by Jacqueline Javier
"People always resonate with photos..." ~ Steve Osemwenkhae
Artwork by Kadir Nelson
"Our community needs systems that don't oppress us" ~Rahsaan Hall
Artwork by @HillaryDWilsonArt
"We work to make filmmakers feel loved and appreciated" ~ Lisa Simmons
The myth of equal opportunity || Artwork by Ashton Springer
"When we see value in something we protect it" ~John Matthew Borders IV
Artwork by Justin Copeland
"My art supports my passion for community..." ~Rochelle Levy - Christopher
King of Good Trouble - Artwork by Chuck Styles
"The work of the Teachers Lounge is good trouble" ~ Jabari Peddie
Artwork by @Kellmonteiro || Photography by @Babaxvi
"Be hungry for knowledge... about yourself" ~ Gardy Desrouleaux
Artwork by Ricardo Edwards
"We don't need permission to share our light..." ~Misael Martinez
Artwork by @The_Wright_Artist
"Music taught me the power in being an Afro Latina" ~ Kaovanny

"Liberty & Justice for All" - Artwork by Frank Morrison

"She understands that she will never fully understand and that helps me" ~ Shamonn Long
Artwork by ~ Unknown
Artwork by ~ Unknown
"Find your lane and build on that..." ~Kathy Lopes
AMERICAN UPRISING - Artwork by Kadir Nelson for Rolling Stone magazine.
"For me strength is vulnerability..." ~ Thaddeus Miles
Jay-Z by @justinrichburg - Spike Lee by @yanncouedor - Trumpet by @chuckstyless - Missy Elliot by @yanncouedor
"Hip- Hop has given us affirmations..."~ Wes Jackson
Artwork by Chuck Styless - Freedom NEVER came PEACEFULLY or OVERNIGHT.
"Lift as you climb..." ~ Sheriece Perry
Who do we mourn? Artwork by @seb_xavier
"You find the pieces of yourself as you go..." ~Paloma Valenzuela
POWER - Artwork by @ricardo_chucky
"My job as a writer is to reclaim our narrative..." ~Jabari Asim
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Jae Williams