A Pilgrimage to Serve Wittenberg, Germany 2017

In June 2013, as the 500th anniversary of the beginning of the Reformation came into focus, an invitation was extended to the Chorale to lead the annual Hymn Festival at the Castle Church in Wittenberg on October 31, 2017, the 500th anniversary of the Martin Luther’s historic posting of his 95 Theses.

Prior to the 2017 journey, the Chorale had a concert tour in June 2015 through many of the locations they would re-visit in 2017, including Wittenberg. Even though the Castle Church was closed due to renovations, the Chorale was permitted to visit the space and feel the presence of Martin Luther and the significance of their next visit to this church. In an offering of song, the wonderful anthem A Pilgrim’s Hymn by Stephen Paulus was performed, and the text served as map for our 2017 pilgrimage.

Our Fall 2017 Pilgrimage was developed with words to glorify God through music and action, focusing on unceasing love for all. One of our tasks was to serve the faithful who would be along our path, in concert halls, churches and city centers.

In Wittenberg, the Chorale led the Reformation Hymn Festival, the English Ministry Festival Service and a concert for the annual Renaissance Music Festival.

The Hymn Festival was developed to showcase Luther’s well-known hymns, combined with international music that reflects the vast reach of the Reformation. The standing-room only audience welcomed the Chorale and this message of Christian unity.

We shared our musical gifts with fellow pilgrims from around the world, always mindful that our words were for the glory of God and wrapped in love for all.

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