Almost drowning By sisi sibanda

One day me and my friends went to the beach for my friends 8th birthday party. When we first got there me and my friends ran into the water without waiting for a parent or someone older to go with us. We were just really impatient to go in the water.

Me and my friends went to the deep side, knowing that we couldn't swim well. Before we knew it, there were big waves that were coming towards us. We couldn't tell that they were big but as they came closer they started to bring us down in the water. It was a really scary feeling.

The waves kept on collapsing me and I couldn't breathe. Everytime I tried to come up for air, the waves kept on pulling me down. I tried screaming for help but no one cold hear me. I tried swimming my way to the rocks so I could move out of the water. It was hard because of the water pulling me down but eventually I got to them.

When I looked down, there were cuts on my leg from the rock and i was bleeding a lot. I started crying because I was really traumatized from almost drowning. I was close enough to shore so I walked back to where my family was and my dad immediately was shocked. He asked me "what happened?" and wrapped me in a towel. I started crying even harder. I was still so scared.

Created By
Sisi Sibanda


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