It's that time of the week again that I have to force myself to come up with something creative to write about. I don't mean that in a negative light, writing helps me to better understand the material that we are learning. Class has been rather stagnant lately so it has become difficult to reflect and connect to concepts that have been addressed through lecture or learning activities. However outside of class I had a great conversation with you about Game of Thrones, and A Song of Ice and Fire which has really gotten me excited for the new season. Instead of looking forward I think it is important to focus on what George R.R Martin has created thus far and apply our habits of mind to his work. Besides Martin wrote it best, "The past is already written, the ink is dry. I have decide to take the cynical rout and focus on one of the few mistakes that Martin has made, in my opinion. The role of the Blackfish, Brynden Tully.

In this Journey Log I will focus on Game of Thrones, because I am not caught up to this section of the book yet. For those of us who actually pay attention and know what is actually going on during the plot of Game of Thrones it is not hard to realize that Martin leaves a lot to the imagination. Whether he addresses these mysteries later on in the series or leaves them unanswered, Martins ability to do this makes his dynamic dialog more intriguing. At least to some. In such scenario's Martin is relating to the views curiosity which is a great tool to not only keep viewers watching but to build a stronger story line with sharper turns along way. So when the notorious war hero, The Blackfish subconsciously saved himself from the Red Wedding by going to take a "piss", you can say that I was very curious and even excited. What many people didn't pick up on was that this was the one victory Martin gave us in this drastically shocking massacre. Aside form maybe Arya not joining the party. It was the perfect set up for avengement. To take the one fuck up that Walter Frey had and throw it back in his face later on the line was to be a brilliant low key twist, at least in my mind. Yet if only this show had happy endings.

Fast forward three years real time. Ive had this great theory in my head for three damn years and I don't even hear a hint at the Black Fish's name. At least the Nights Watched had the curtsy of tricking Jon Snow with bring up Benjen, the Blackfish hasn't even been brought up in a passing on screen conversation. Aside from my own personal frustration I've probably told about 20 people of my theory that the Blackfish and his host are going to attack the twins and slight Walter Frey's ugly neck. Finally out of no where this notorious war hero that is only praised for his success is brought up from the lips of Walter Frey. Through Martins own creativity way Walter Frey is going to rebirth the introduction to the GOT audience of his future killer when he reveals that the Blackfish has retaken River Run. Not only that but that the Freys seige is about as ineffective as Hoder's speech skills. Which makes the Frey look weak. If that isn't enough Sansa sends Briann to ask the Blackfish to bring his host to join Jon's army, an even better situation. If that still isn't enough Jammie offers the Blackfish safe passage to do so in exchange for the castle. I mean what the fuck. Things like this just don't go that well for the protagonists in Game of thrones.

Meanwhile.... (outdated yet still great)

Call it what ever you want. Maybe it's Martins creativity to crate a shocking storyline down the line by restricting the strength of Jon's army. Maybe it was George R.R Martins responsibility to give the Blackfish the most honorable death's we've thus far seen in a show full of honorable death's. Maybe Martin is just fucking with the audience like he usually and so successfully does to peak our curiosity. Maybe there's little reason behind it but to fill pages in his story or minutes on the screen. In the end in my opinion regardless of all that its simply bullshit! This claim can be supported by two reasons, viewer engagement and producers responsibility. To keep things simple we will address Martin as the producer. Viewer engagement, by my own definition exposing an audience to a character with potential, and giving him a lot of dialog. Now in this plot the Producers had some lose ends to tie up for sure, but that doesn't mean taking up a shit load of valuable screen time and coming out with almost nothing intriguing to show for. Aside form the numerous bad ass roles the Blackfish could have had in the future he chose to die instead of give up something he believes in. Alright kind of shitty, a definit let down but an honorable message that the viewers can unhappily accept. So theres that but Producers responsibility is where we see the real flaw. Given all this hype, all this screen time, all this money poured into a very weak output the notorious blackfish dies off screen. He is even supposed to be killed by foot soldiers off screen. They don't even give him a Barresten esc death. Extremely anticlimactic. If thats not bad enough as an audience his death is officially confirmed from the lips of Walter Frey. Which in retrospect is creative and great writing by Martin having consistent parallels and destroying my dreams. Aside from this the producers did not fulfill their responsibility of the Blackfishes part and was probably the worst writing I've witnessed from an HBO show.

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