Being in love with you A journey into loving, your body and the sensual pleasure it contains

An extra-ordinary 12 week programme, designed for you and with you

Imagine experiencing fully loving yourself, loving your body, connecting to pleasure, to profound love, to living your life completely from the love you have inside you.

Learn to connect, listen and open your heart

So often we have closed our heart, from heartbreak, rejection, and other past experiences. Turning to our heart allows us to know, deep down, what we want, what feels right and true.

Embrace your body’s wisdom

Often in life we make decisions based on what we think we want. As you develop a loving, caring relationship with your body, you will learn to understand the subtle messages and inner guidance it offers. You'll often find you're able to make more loving choices, giving you the ability to live the life you truly want.


Very often we don't touch ourselves, and yet our bodies are designed to experience pleasure and are covered with millions of pleasure receptors. Often it's only with a partner that we get touched. Loving your body, learning what feels good and how to give yourself the perfect touch, connects you to your body, and will increase your confidence in all aspects of life.

Connect to your breasts

It's easy for women to lose connection to their breasts, which are so often judged the "wrong" size, objectified or touched only by partners. Your breasts are physically close and energetically connected to your heart. Loving them, connecting to them and massaging them is a profound experience of loving yourself.

Discover your vulva

Many of us don't know the anatomy of our vulvas and have been taught to be goal-driven towards a clitoral orgasm. Although that can be amazing, it can leave us unsatisfied at a deeper level. Our vulvas have a beautiful structure, with every part having its own type of pleasure. By learning to explore sensations in the moment and connecting to your heart and your whole body, your vulva can become the gateway to luxurious bliss and the source of powerful creativity throughout your life.

The Benefits you will get

You will experience loving your body in a whole new way

You will experience more pleasure in your whole body

You will feel more confident in your clothes or naked

You will see the results in your life with a personal project that will be an expression of how much you now love yourself

You will have learnt techniques that you can take into your life to continue to see benefits long after the program is over

You will know how to find happiness and pleasure moment by moment

You will feel more alive and have more energy and vitality

The programme

12 x 2 hour Sessions on Zoom - Thursday evenings 7pm-9pm - Starting on 9th September 2021
Sessions will combine theory with a mix of practical meditation and body exercises. In the body exercises, you'll be invited to touch your body giving love, exploring and noticing pleasure. All exercises will be an invitation, based on what your body wants in the moment. You will always have a choice in the touch exercises whether to have your camera on or not
6 personal one-to-one 1 hour sessions directly with Melanie
Homework (Home play! ;-)) every week, daily practice to ensure you receive the full benefits of the programme
Support to fulfil a personal project, which will be an expression of what you want in life now you love yourself
The support of a small group of woman (max 16), who are all supporting each other to love themselves and their bodies
Price £995 early bird cost £895 if booked by 19th August 2021. Instalment & low income packages available

What participants are saying

Before the course, I was having a hard time accepting and loving myself my looks my body. I always had this pressure of 'you have to look beautiful'. Always trying too hard otherwise people wouldn't love me. I've been also struggling with standing for what I want and put my needs and desires first- always pleasing others because again otherwise people wouldn't love me. So I was hoping I could learn to give myself a break. to let go of all of this social bullsh*t that was not serving me. I wanted to feel free!

The whole process with Melanie was very subtle enjoyable gentle and yet deep and unleashing.

I was able to create massive changes in my relationship with my partner- by setting clear boundaries and asking for what I really want the whole dynamic of our relationship transformed into a more mature and loving relationship. The way I set up my business this year has a lot to do with this course too. Instead of acting from a place of fear of not being loved (or hired in this case) I am putting out in the world what I really want. And it works! I am genuinely feeling way more comfortable in my own skin wearing cool and sexy clothes in a super relaxed way because I like myself rather than to like others. After some time of attending Melanie's course, I still feel pieces falling into place. It was the best thing I've done for myself in a long time. Thank you so much!

This programme teaches you to be fully in consent. Often we override our body with our head, and do things we later realise we didn't want to do, or we avoid doing what our body does want. Learning to love your body means never doing anything that you're not an enthusiastic whole-body YES to! Whilst some of this programme may be a challenge to you (if it wasn't, you wouldn't be on it!! :-)), we will be teaching you to listen to your body and, if your body says no, we will celebrate that just as much as when it says yes!

About the teacher

Melanie Knight

20 years ago, I was heavily overweight, unhappy, drinking too much, and having lots of casual abusive sex relationships. I didn't like my body. I wore trousers and baggy tops to cover it up, and hadn't worn a bikini in about 10 years. When I got drunk, you would find me either crying in the corner of the room, or off with a random guy having sex, which made me feel better for a short while, but deep down I hated myself. I had a high sex drive, it made me feel alive. But I also craved it like a drug and I worried about what I would do for it, or what I wouldn't do for it....

After a real low point, I realised there must be more to life than this. I did many years of personal development, I coached many people and lead seminars. 7 years ago, I found Tantra, which allowed me to see that being sexual was normal, that I wasn’t too much and that pleasure can be used for healing. After many years of working on my mind and my body, I now know, deep down, I do love myself. I now love wearing bikinis, I've done a boudoir photoshoot, and a burlesque performance on stage in front of a hundred people. None of which I could have done before. I realised I wanted to share what I have learnt with other women, so that we all can learn to love our bodies, love ourselves the way we were meant to be.

Gabriella Angus

22 years ago I was at my rock bottom. I was 6-stone in weight addicted to drugs and swayed between anorexia and compulsive over eating. I had no boundaries around sex and had no idea how to say no and keep myself safe. At the same time sex was something I craved. I know now that I was desperate to be loved and didn’t know how else to get my needs met. Quite simply I didn’t know how to love and care for, or about, myself.

That was the beginning of my recovery; a journey of discovery, exploration and study, of healing the traumas and learning to be kind to myself, bringing compassion, love and tenderness to my body and mind.

It has been my joy to be able to pass on all that I have learnt to other women. In 2003 I facilitated my first women’s healing and empowerment workshop and I have been teaching and facilitating groups and individuals ever since.


"Melanie’s group sessions are delivered in a welcoming, intimate and safe space to explore your sexuality. You are gently guided through meditation, breathwork and touch exercises for 90 minutes. While the focus is to connect to yourself, you embark on a sensual journey that is graceful yet so potent and sure to impact your intimate relationships. From being so present to the body, I have developed heightened sensitivity and a profound grounding in my body that I did not even realise was possible! As a result, I gained a higher level of self-awareness and confidence that has caused beautiful ripples in my relationship with my life partner." – Chrissie
"I had no idea Melanie’s class would end up having such a transformative impact in my life in ways I didn’t expect or imagine. She holds the space and guides the practice in such a magnificent way, making us feel comfortable to find and explore our own journeys, never pushing, always encouraging. I am also incredibly grateful for the wonderful group of people that take part in the class, sharing their experience with such honesty and vulnerability, opening their hearts and souls in a way that I’ve rarely experienced before." – Irene
"Melanie has been transformative in breaking barriers & moving through resistance to connecting with my body in different ways. Each session is a different experience personally, both in learning, moving through stuff, sensation, pleasure & mood. I come away feeling uplifted & relaxed. Mel holds a warm, open & safe space too. I highly recommend the experience 💜🙏🏻" – Ella
What will you become?
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Melanie Knight


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