The Aurora of Life!! By: Jes and Friends!!!!

Once upon a time, Jarrod and his tribe lived happily in Greece, but they were sent by the God of the Moon and hunt, Artemis, to move to America, for Greece was about to hit famine, to find a new land to settle , They were set on there Thesaurus journey across Russia. It was long and grueling, but they knew that the Gods would favor them with gifts of glory, long life, and good will.

They set out to find a new home, heading North East towards the Bering Strait

Finally, after travelling for a long 257 days they had reached the Baran Strait, unclaimed and unwalked. Artemis appeared and began guiding them with the beautiful and marvelous lights, for she had control of the night. With Artemis and her great Northern Lights, Jerrod and his tribe ,were guided through the terrible and unforgiving land.

She began guiding the tribe with beautiful lights

After traveling for a few days, they reached the middle of the Bering Strait, there they decided to make camp so they could send a message to the Gods to send to their people. So after making a sacrifice of 2 moose, which were new animals that they thought the Gods would favor, they wrote a short message talking about how Artemis was using these wondrous lights to guide them to the new land. Upon this they requested the Goddess to grant them safe passage but to take these lights to Greece to show the people.

She was told to go to Greece to tell of the news!

So Artemis went to tell the other god’s of her tribe’s progress. Jarrod sadly forgot that with Artemis went her hunt, all these new animals went back to Greece, which left the tribe with no hunt. Without the animals helping the ecosystem, the whole landscape went into a bizarre overgrowth of all plants.

The forest was overgrown with plants

This made Dionysus, the god of the nature,mad that the animals were not taking care of the land and the humans couldn’t repair the land. She got so mad and couldn’t control her emotions she wrecked havoc on the tribe of the land, she created a disaster that rattled the bones of the people and could still be felt thousands of years later. She had thrown an earthquake that tore the Baran Strait apart.

The earthquake broke up the Bering Strait

Those who survived from the quake begged the Gods to just take them instead of letting hunger and frostbite do the work but apparently Gods knew no mercy as the tribe was slowly killed by hunger, Jarrod and his tribes pleas for help and mercy would go unheard.

It was so cold they thought they would die of frostbite

By this time, the messengers reported of Dionysus performing a terrible disaster on the tribe. Artemis tried to save the tribe, but by the time that Artemis got back, it was too late, the poor tribe had either starved or froze to death. Artemis fell into a deep state of sadness, for she had been so prideful for saving her people, that she forgot to finish, and in a way murdered innocent mortals.

She was sad that she murdered innocent mortals

In honor of the tribe, she named the lights the Northern Lights, after the Northern Expedition that had died out. This is a sign that if you celebrate without finishing, that it could be devastating to both you and others. This is how the wondrous Northern Lights came to be, from a light of hope, to a hole of despair. This has been greek mythology on Diced n’ Sliced ® Jes and friends © 2017



Created with images by manolofranco - "aurora borealis lofoten norway" • *~Dawn~* - "Somewhere in Alaska..." • 12019 - "aurora borealis northern lights forest" • a4blank - "afaia" • magnetbox - "Wall overgrowth" • James St. John - "Baptism River Basalt (North Shore Volcanic Group, Mesoproterozoic, ~1097 Ma; Split Rock Lighthouse, Minnesota, USA) 2" • Cristiana Bardeanu - "Snow" • Marcela McGreal - "Don’t grieve. Anything you Lose Comes Round in Another Form."

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