[Multimedia] MSD junior varsity football season is cut short, leaving players disappointed By Alex Fishman, Austin Mclellan and Jack lickerman

The MSD junior varsity football team meets in the endzone wearing masks. The Eagles started off the season 1-0, but the following two games were cancelled. Photo by Fenthon Aristhomene

An Eventful Season

When COVID-19 hit in March of this year, all athletics at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School were called off for the spring season of 2019-2020. Despite the pandemic’s presence in the 2020-2021 school year, the junior varsity football season was ready to start again in October. The JV team was scheduled to play three games this season, but unfortunately, only one game was played.

Before the Season

The first official practices for the MSD JV football team took place on Monday, Oct. 12. Players were required to follow specific safety precautions. Social distancing was required at all times when not on the field and masks were mandatory while on the sidelines. Temperature checks were also taken before every practice to ensure the safety of the players.

The Season Opener

The Eagles faced the J.P. Taravella Trojans on Wednesday, Nov. 6 They started their season strong and dominated 42-0. Quarterbacks Zach Goldberg (5), Ryan Spallina (15) and Ryan Williams (7) all scored rushing touchdowns in the win, leading their team to a 1-0 start. Things looked bright for the Eagles and they were molding together as a team.

The team was ready for their next game against Everglades High School, which was scheduled for Nov. 10.

Down, Set, Hike. Quarterback Ryan Williams (7) lines up to take a snap for the Eagles in their season opener against the Taravella Trojans. Williams rushed for a touchdown in the game, slicing through the Trojans’ defense on a design QB run. “All of our quarterbacks have performed well,” said freshman defensive end Ryan Cruz (85, not pictured). Photo by Brooke Glaros.

Tropical storm leads to game being cancelled

After the Eagles made a statement defeating Taravella, they were ready to play the Everglades High School Gators. The Eagles were preparing for the game until Tropical Storm Eta was expected to hit South Florida. The game was canceled due to flooding, but the Eagles left that behind and focused on their upcoming game against Deerfield.

While disappointed, the team kept their heads high, and players were preparing for their final game of the season against Deerfield Beach High.

COVID-19 ends the season

The Eagles were optimistic and ready for their next game; they had two weeks to prepare and the team was ready to go. Unluckily, on Tuesday, Nov. 17, the season was called off after players on both teams scheduled to play tested positive for COVID-19.

While the season was shorter than expected, the Eagles had many good moments and highlights in the one game they played.

“I’m working harder than ever and ready to come back strong next season,” said freshman defensive end Ryan Cruz (85).

Although they are disappointed about the cancellations, many players are looking forward to a successful season next year.

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