An Afternoon At The Harn Hannah MacDonald

While visiting the Harn, there were many different aspects of the art I found interesting. I appreciated the different mediums many artists use to capture their idea, as well as the emotional connection some prices provided me. Throughout the entire visit, there were different facets of the art that intrigued me.

One of the interesting ideas I understood while visiting the Harn was that viewing a painting in a picture is different than seeing the piece in person. For example, Williams' Distraught Palm is distinctly different in person than in a photograph. Because of the texture of the paint, viewing the painting in person allowed me to see the depth of the painting, and understand the technique used to create the painting. This gave me a different understanding of the piece, because it showed me the careful planning and creation that went into the work. To me, it communicated that there is more to something than what appears on the surface. The piece made me feel energetic because of the bright colors, but also tranquil because of the different brush strokes.

Me standing with Hiram Williams' Distraught Palm (1990)

I found the exhibit that contained the Chinese ceramics appealing. The exhibit contains different vases from different Chinese dynasties. I particularly liked this exhibit because all of the pieces were related but entirely different. The way they were placed on the wall gave each piece an opportunity to be highlighted while still with other similar pieces. It allowed me to compare the artwork from different time periods. I appreciated the lighting of the vases, and how some of the lighter vases were given more light than the darker vases. I also liked the location of the exhibit; It stands on a wall on its own. I liked this location because the exhibit contains so many works of art, so if in combination with other exhibits would be overwhelming. I also liked how the vases were arranged on the shelves, and how the shelves were not uniform. It allowed me to study each vase more in-depthly. The exhibit sparked a curiosity into ancient Chinese art, and the differing trends in Chinese art throughout history.

Me standing with the ceramics wall.

Some of the pieces of ar gave me different emotional experiences, allowing me to connect to them. One of the pieces of art I connected to was Zúñiga's Two Seated Women. In the painting, the two women are seated beside each other, and seem to be supportive and helpful. This represents one of my core values: supportiveness. I think it is very important to care about the people around you, and try to help others in any way possible. To me, this painting conveyed just that. When viewing the painting, I imagined the two women sitting together talking about the problems in their lives, while supporting each other and giving each other advice. This picture makes me feel happy and loved, as I reflect on having moments like this with my friends and family. It also helps me understand how to be supportive more as a friend. Sometime having moments were two people jus listen to each other is incredibly valuable to a relationship.

Me with Zúñiga's Two Seated Women (1971)

While at the Harn, different pieces also gave me insights into different ways of life. Through the observations of different cultures, I was able to understand different values that contribute to the good life. López's Archangel Raphael is a work that allowed me to understand how definitions of the good life vary from culture to culture. To Mexicans, this is a symbol of hope and happiness. So holding the carving would allow for hope and happiness. I think this is representative of the good life. I think a major theme that is evoked in this art is the meaning that can come from the world. This statue gives people the meaning of hope for their lives, and I think that is important in finding the good life. If something gives people hope for the future, it can provide them joy. This piece adds to my appreciation of finding meaning in things because it is an example of how one object can make people happy.

Me with López's Archangel Raphael
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