Maya Angelou A famous writer

Childhood Life

Maya Angelou's childhood was great and not so great. She went through a lot of things in her life. At a young age her mother sent her out to live with her grandmother. She lived with her grandmother for a couple of years. She had a lot of chores to do when she was with her grandmother. One day a strange man pulled up in a gray car. That stranger happened to be her father he had come to take her back to her mother. She did not have her mother all her life until her father came to take her back to be with her mother.

Teen Years

One day she came home and she told her mother that she was pregnant. A few months after having the baby, she told her mother that she was leaving and taking the baby with her. The one thing her mother told her is "when you step over my door seal you have been raised to know what's right and wrong, do right." Maya told her that she had gotten a job and a home and that the landlady would be the babysitter. Maya worked steadily to take care of herself and her child at the young age of seventeen.

Adult Life

Years later her mother came to live with her because she had gotten sick. Maya took her to the doctor and they said that she had lung cancer. She said her mother was on oxygen. Her mother didn't last long and she had passed. She remembered her mother liberating her and she said I hope I will be able to liberate her.

At a speech
Maya Angelou smiling
Maya Angelou
Maya Angelou and her Mother
Maya in the younger day's
A poem by Her

Her speech Still I rise

Birth Date 1928/Death Date 2014

King, Sarah E. Maya Angelou: Greeting the Morning. Brookfield, CT: Millbrook, 1994. Print.

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