Great Expectations Part 2

"I was scared by the immensity of London, I think I might have had some faint doubts whether it was not rather ugly, crooked, narrow, and dirty".(p.126) - I think that this is important because he's seeing that London is not all he thought it was going to be

"I stood with my lamp held out over the stair-rail, and he came slowly within its light. It was a shaded lamp, to shine upon a book, and its circle of light was very contracted; so the he was in it for a mere instant, and then out it, In the instant I had seen a face that was strange to me looking up with an incomprehensible air of being touched and pleased by the sight of me." - This is important because the convict from the start of the book and pip meet again. He gave pip money to be a gentlemen and then he let the convict stay with him.

"'You should know,' said Estella. 'I am what you have made me. Take all the praise, take all the blame; take all the success, take all the failure; in short, take me.' 'O, look at her, look at her!' cried Miss Havisham, bitterly. 'Look at her, so hard and thankless, on the hearth where she was reared! Where I took her into this wretched breast when it was first bleeding from its stabs and where I have lavished years of tenderness upon her'(238)"

Dreams, Hopes, Love, Time, Friendship


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