Police Powers Seth pavanO

Lead from cumberlink.com by the sentinel - Our View: Taking the power of police too far. This is a single item lead.

Another lead could be. Police taking it too far, like they have all the power in the world.

This would also be a single item lead.

A teenager in the bronx was shot to death when all that was found was a bag of marajuana. Is that something to kill for?

The police a have been breaking the fourth amendment. They are searching through cars and houses without warrants. "The court’s 4-2 decision tossed your right to refuse a police officer’s request to search your car out the window." This shows that this shouldn't be allowed, but the police do anyways.

From a New York Times article it says," the cities marajuana arrest initiative has also raised a civil rights concern. The city arrests tens of thousands of mainly black and Latino young people for possession every year." There has also been concerns of police possibly being prejudice down south. With officers shooting black men. An example is Walter Scott a unarmed man in North Carolina fatally shot by an officer.

My conclusion sentence: These police need to be restricted on some of the things they do because they are being unfair and giving people things they don't deserve.

Nytimes ends their editorial by saying, "Since 9/11, courts have broadened the Police Department’s investigative authority in the vital interest of protecting the city from terrorist attack. The department should not interpret that as a license to run roughshod over the Constitution." I understand this because 9/11 traumatised many people and they have to strengthen policies, but there is no need to ever kill, shoot someone or break an amendment.

These police officers have been taking some senaries too far. Most of these things police are doing aren't even for a good reason. There is never a good reason to shoot somebody. Also it is not right for them to break an amendment,

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