Native Americans How Europeans Affected the Lives of Native Americans

Europeans have been slaughtering, changing, and taking from the Native Americans.

Europeans killing NAs.

Very Native Americans were angry and mad because Colonists and Europeans took their land. President Andrew Jackson told the Native Americans NOT to fight back, and if they did, they will send U.S. troops. The text, states, “In 1832 Chief Justice John Marshall ruled in favor of the Cherokee” This means that Native Americans were mad and sad because U.S. troops made them move to the West or else the Native Americans will be wiped out. The text states, “ As a result, in 1838 U.S. troops move west on what became known as Trail of Tears.” This means that the Native Americans were sad and had to move to another homeland.

Spain and other European countries claimed land from America. The text states, “Spain made the first and largest European land claims in Americas.“When Spain claimed land, more Europeans started claiming land.”Spain began claiming land and building settlements farther North.” When the Europeans took the Native Americans land, and made them move somewhere else.

The trail of Europeans.

Europeans eventually found out that it WASN'T Asia. The text states, ”Europeans soon realized that these lands were not really part of Asia.” Once they found out it wasn't Asia, they started exploring. “When Europeans realized that new lands lay to the West,the goals of exploration changed.” The Europeans decided to explore the “new found land” to see if it’s worth taking.

In conclusion Europeans took land from Native Americans and did bad things to them, when they were supposed to look for Asia so instead, they took land from Native Americans, for religious beliefs and slaughtered many Native Americans.

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