Collective Bièvre we make things.

Collective of young creators based between Geneva, Switzerland & Christchurch, New Zealand Making things. Spanning the globe.

film / photography / poetry / art / music / logement / projects


We make films about social/political causes we care about, ranging from satirical short-clips to feature-length documentaries. Our Collective includes a bunch of talented videographers, script developers, producers. Our legal status as an Association in Geneva Canton and Film Production Company in New Zealand allows us to produce and publish our own content. We're always looking for new projects.

Our first feature doc on how millenial activists are fighting back against unpaid internships.

Short-films created in the small Swiss mountain village of Lenzerheide, artistically exploring the town's quiet-time, in between tourist seasons.

A series of short documentaries produced for Public Services International, featuring struggles against privatisation and for workers rights across the world.

After the far-right Swiss People's Party used racist posters showing a good 'white sheep' kicking bad 'black-sheep' out of the country, we created this viral social-media video to detourne their message. The clip received almost a million views across Switzerland.


Four years on from a traumatic Earthquake in Christchurch New Zealand, we helped curate an Art-Space inside a partially destroyed building. Our Gallery and all the artworks inside were demolished along with the building in 2017. The space is now a public park.


Rafi is our poet in residence. He write's about many things. His works are often optimistically cynicial.


producing deepish house music with slam poetry overlays. have a listen.

We are members of Cache Cache Collectif - a group of young Geneva based producers and DJs who organise outdoor parties, velo-sound-systems and floating raves. Join us in the summer!

We also host a show on Radio-Usine every second Thursday from 18h-20h.

Listen to our latest mixes here.

Let's talk?

we're always looking for new ideas, new faces, new experiences. we really like collaborating with and supporting people and associations who share our world-view. drop us a line.

Email: collective.bievre@gmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/collec.bv/

"young people everywhere have been given the choice between love and a garbage disposal unit" everywhere, they have chosen the garbage disposal unit.

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