The mars water collection challenge

Objective: an operator controlled robot students must maneuver a bot to collect a water bottle and place it into a container and return the bottle and container to Basecamp. 

Think: we are going to take the bot apart. we hope it will lift up the water bottle. we will keep modifying it until it is perfect.

Do: we took the bot a part The bot but now we realize we actually needed it so we are going to have to rebuild the claw and make a container for the bottle. We also need to figure out a different wheel system to get over the obstacle.

Think: so today we are going to try to make it go over one of the obstacles. We are going to modify it Intel it will go over the obstacle. And we might be able to add the arm.

Do: We couldn't do ether. People who were timing got to go but not us. So we didn't get enything done.

Think: to day we i'm going to try to fix all of the little kinks. Some of the connectors will not connect. So we are going to modify them and we are also going to try to put something on it so you can put a pick up or pull the crazy water bottle

Think: we have to make the arm and attach it. We also have to figure out a way to drive over the obstacle.

DO: the arm is weird and weak so we have to fix that. we didn't get to test it. We need to fix the broken things.

THINK: we need to finish things that are broken. We also need to add on the wheels in the front. And we are going to attach the motor to the claw. 

Think: we have to make the arm close. We will make modifications as needed. We will also have to make the arm stronger.

Do: we attached the arm but the motter is not working. But the gears are not lined up right. And the bot still has trouble getting over the ramp.

Think: coach spotick is going to help us with attaching the arm because the gears are not working

Do: well I figured out what was wrong we needed to lineup the holes in the gears so we could catch them correctly with the bot. And we also need to find the black peace with three holes and the square in the center.

Think:we need to make the robot mor sterdy and put mor wate on the back. So it won't tip over. We also need to make it go over the ramp.

Do: we added a wheel to the back. But he moter is backwards so we have to fix it. We weren't able to test the bot but are hoping to be able to test it tomorrow. We added rubbeer bands to the wheels.

Think: I wasn't here yesterday so I don't know what KiKi did. Apparently they added weight to the back. And it now can pick up the bottle.

Do: we made a container for the bottle. So now we don't have to put the bottle in the other container wich will

We have to finish today. We have to make it over the ramp. And we also have to make it so you can pick up a water bottle without it breaking.

This was one of the only good videos we got. We took a Bunch of them but this is the one that came out the he best and actually completed the task.

We had a lot of struggle getting the robot to do multiple tasks at once. We would make the robot over the ramp but it couldn't pick up the water bottle. We eventually got it to do both. We stilI couldn't be it to go over the ramp with the water bottle. We looked at other people's robots but still couldn't figure it out. We eventually just gave up and took an eighty precent. We also had a lot of trouble being able to test out our robot because every one was on the field taking times and videos.

We succeeded in getting the robot to go over the ramp. We also succeeded in getting the robot to pick up the water bottle. We got lucky a few times with doing both. We got a video of one of the lucky times we did both. There was no problem in doing the thinks and do's. Me and Katherine would make lots of modifications each day and then test the modifications. When we tested the modifications we would see if they made the robot better or worse. Most of the modifications did us good.

There were some struggles with building it and fixing it but once we got the hang of it we kind of glided threw the whole think up to the last week in which we made some major changes. Overall I think we did really good even if we didn't complete all of the tasks and make a perfect 100%.


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