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"Put your heart, mind, and soul into even your smallest acts. This is the secret of success." - Swami Sivananda

High schoolers: Are you starting? Are colleges looking at you? Is the head coach of your dream school beating down your door?

Collegiate athletes: Do you want to hear Roger Goodell call your name in April? Do you want a signing bonus beyond your wildest expectations?

Weekend warriors: Do you want to dominate your flag or rec league? Do you just wanna get better at football?

In short, do you want to learn how to dominate your opponent?

Win your matchup, win your roster spot, and win a slot in the NFL Draft with WAYNE TRAIN


Ever since I was a child, I always wanted to fulfill my dreams of making my mom happy in ways no one else could. Living in a single parent home just wasn't hard for her and that's where my work ethic comes from. Ever since I've started football at five years old, the NFL has been my dream.

Radio City Music hall, the usual site for the NFL Draft

When the 2016 football season wraps up, I'll be preparing full time for the NFL draft. I'm inspired both by my goal of becoming an NFL Draft pick and the idea of making it more affordable for other collegiate athletes that want to go to the draft.

I used this photo for my business card because it shows the brotherhood of a player and his teammates.

I thought this was the ideal photo to use for an advertisement for a host of reasons. The look on my face shows me looking forward, to the end zone, and to my future. If I can do it, I can help others do it too.
I utilized photos like this to suggest or demonstrate what sort of drills and equipment players could expect.

My biggest challenge was trying to demonstrate what people could expect from me while keeping the advertisements clean and smooth. I overcame this by using a photo with just a little text and then a second page with details. One draws you in and the other informs. My advertisements rely a lot on my name and on people trusting my knowledge enough to call me or email me without much information up front.

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