The Kimberley, Australia's Western Wilderness 7 Nights | 8 Days Superyacht Charter Sea-Fari

The Expedition of a Lifetime

Australia’s pristine raw wilderness

In the faraway north-west pocket of Australia, you will find one of the most pristine regions in the world. At ten times the size of Switzerland, the Kimberley region is brimming with Australia’s best outback landscapes and wildlife. Inhabited by just over 50,000 people over 400,000 km2, the region is one of the most secluded and scarcely populated in the world, and is reputed as one of Australia’s great natural wonders.

Discover a never-ending haven of turquoise waters, white sands, waterfalls, and sandstone gorges that will take your breath away. Witness landscapes that have been carved over millions of years, immersed in the diverse wildlife and serenity of the region.

This itinerary is a sample only, and suggested by the Captain. It can be tailored to your preferences after consultation with your Travel Creator. The cruising is always subject to changes and amendments pending charter details and weather conditions.


The Kimberley has two seasons, the dry and the wet. It is hot most of the year with average temperatures generally above 30°C. The dry season, from May to September, features beautiful clear skies, warm to hot days, and the occasional cool night. The weather during the dry season is very stable and predictable, the chance of rain very low – every day is a beautiful day.

During the wet season, from November to April, monsoonal rains inundate the region, rivers flood, replenishing the majestic waterfalls and currents. It is during this time that the region receives about 90% of its rainfall. The weather during the wet season can be quite unpredictable.


Cruising through the Kimberley region you will be amazed by the beauty and richness of this part of Australia. Immerse yourself in the heart of Australia's culture beating through the red dirt, explore the rugged landscape, spectacular gorges, waterfalls, and embrace the feeling of swimming in pristine freshwater lagoons after a good hike. An abundance of wildlife exists along the way such as majestic whales (July - September), an array of bird life, and native animals including prehistoric saltwater crocodiles and barramundi.


The Kimberley is rich with a captivating history, not only from early explorer expeditions to Australia, but dating back thousands of years with a rich indigenous culture. Share in the stories of the Aboriginal people, visit sacred sites where extraordinary rock art are dotted throughout many caves, and immerse yourself in the land that has sustained the Aboriginal people for centuries. Guests will be guided by incredible local knowledge to experience Bradshaw-style rock art, some of it still being discovered today. The insightful interpretation of your very own onboard guide will reveal that some artworks have been dated to be older than the famous Prehistoric Lascaux grotto (more than 50,000 years old), whilst the first Aboriginal families established themselves in Australia between 60,000 - 80,000 years ago.

Culinary Discoveries

Australia's Western Coast is blessed with an amazing food and wine industry. Allow your Chef to tailor your menu showcasing all that the region has to offer. Enjoy local delicacies (perhaps caught on your journey!) such as oysters, barramundi, and even specialties like delicate pearl meat. You may also visit a pearl farm such as Paspaley or Cygnet Bay to uncover the incredible creations delivered by Mother Nature - Australia's Mother of Pearls are among the most valued in the world.


Fishing in the Kimberley is incredible, the oceans in the region being so pristine. Western Australia is home to some of the world’s best deep sea and beach fishing with world-class challenges and rewards to lure many keen novice and professional anglers to the state’s rivers and 12,500 kilometres (7,767 miles) of coastline. Anglers can experience the thrill of hooking Australia’s most iconic fish, the barramundi. Other species in these waters include Threadfin salmon, giant trevally, tuna, and queenfish.


Cygnet Bay and Buccaneer Archipelago [0-7 hours]

After arriving in Broome International Airport, you will be transferred by private charter to Cygnet Bay – an area renowned for its magnificent pearl farming and well-integrated in its local environment.

After a welcome reception and tour of one of Australia’s oldest working pearl farms, you will be transferred to your private sanctuary for the next week: the amphibious transfer vessel is an experience in itself, before you are welcomed on board by your Crew.

After your first gourmet lunch, our adventure starts with a cruise through the islands of King Sound. You will board the tender for an excursion to the Buccaneer Archipelago to witness the ‘giant tides’. Here we watch spectacular whirlpools and overflows being generated by the impressive large tides: the Kimberley experiences withdrawal of up to 14m of water! “The tides are the heartbeat of The Kimberley. Everything here revolves around them.”

The exhilarating scenic tour ends back on board, relaxing at the sundeck bar to enjoy your first stunning Kimberley sunset.

The Buccaneer Archipelago covers over 50 square kilometres (19 sq mi). It is located at the head of King Sound and is composed of about 800 islands found between King Sound and Collier Bay near Yampi Sound
Be amazed by the incredible forces of one of the world’s largest tidal movements.
Sunset Drinks surrounded by the warmest Australian Colours


King Sound to Silver Gull Creek [6-7 hours]

We arise early departing King Sound and on to Hidden Island. On Hidden Island is Silica Beach, the whitest beach you will encounter in the Kimberley. Made from pure white silica sand, this beach is soft and white, and the waters a spectacular turquoise. The only of its kind in the Kimberley!

After lunch onboard, and potentially spotting some majestic whales, you will have the opportunity to visit Silica Beach and spend the afternoon swimming, exploring and walking along this pristine stretch of sand.

Between May and December, humpback, southern right and blue whales make their way along Western Australia’s coast, often coming so close to shore with their calves you can see them with binoculars or the naked eye from the bow of the yacht. The best time to observe these gentle giants of the ocean is at midday, when the sun is directly overhead.

We cruise at sunset onto our striking overnight anchorage at Silver Gull Creek.

Silica beach from above
Time for some fun in beach heaven. The crew will set up your shaded space, beach toys and refreshments. You can soak up the sun, have a swim or you might feel like a little exploring.
Sit back and relax as we cruise through to our next anchorage


Cockatoo Island to the Horizontal Falls [5-6 hours]

Day 3 begins with cruising past Cockatoo and Koolan Islands – both renowned for their large deposits of rich, high grade iron ore. See the mining infrastructure as we cruise past, and marvel at the scale of the mining operations that have existed for decades on these islands. We continue through to Talbot Bay, making our way to the Horizontal Falls, one of the most amazing natural features of the Kimberley.

Our opportunity to explore the affectionately named “Horries” comes after lunch, when we take the tenders out to experience this natural phenomenon. Whilst being called waterfalls, they are unlike any other falls, as water passes horizontally through two narrow gorges. These massive tidal movements create a waterfall effect as the water banks up against one side of the narrow cliff passage, only to be repeated when the tide turns. It is an incredible feeling to be among the water movements from the safety of the tender! We will then return on board to enjoy the sunset at Talbot Bay, our overnight anchorage point.

Koolan Island
The Horizontal Waterfalls, a unique ocean phenomenon formed by a high tidal shift when it is forced to compress through narrow breaks..
Talbot Bay


Montgomery Reef to Raft Point [7 hours]

Today we leave one spectacular destination only to cruise to yet another wonder of the Kimberley Coast.

Montgomery Reef is a sight to behold as the entire reef appears to rise from the ocean on the falling tide. With often 10 metres of tidal differences on a single tide, nearly 5 metres of reef gradually emerges from the ocean, with water cascading down waterfalls and creating a river cutting through the reef.

The sights make you feel incredibly humble when seen from a drone above which your Crew will launch. We then have the opportunity to explore the reef up close from the tender: admire the water cascading to reveal the reef, itself busy creating its own "sunscreen" to protect from the harsh sun, whilst the birds and all kinds of marine life come to feed on the nutrient-rich landscape. An experience like no other! Upon your return on board, cruise to Raft Point for your overnight anchorage.

Montgomery Reef has a total area of 400 square kilometres (154 sq mi) making it Australia's largest inshore reef; its length is about 80 kilometres (50 mi).
Enjoy this paradise from your own superyacht
Montgomery Reef has an unusual wide tidal range, up to 10 metres (33 ft). When the tide is out, vast lagoons, sandstone islets, and a central mangrove island are revealed.


Raft Point

After arising at beautiful Raft Point, we go ashore for a walk to a spectacular gallery of Wandjinas (indigenous rock art). Visit some of the artwork created by local indigenous people, sometimes dating back to 50,000 years (!), and immerse yourself in the stories shared by our local aboriginal guide. You will be taken for short walks through to incredible & authentic art sites, some of them still being discovered nowadays.

In the afternoon, we take the tenders to Scotties Creek where we can go ashore for a walk through the rainforest, and a refreshing swim in one of the freshwater lagoons. The crew will have set up a beautiful lunch with the backdrop of the red-tinted rocks.

We will then return on board for sunset and overnight anchorage at Raft Point.

Raft Point
"The Wandjina drew themselves," according to local folklore. They're considered ancient spirits who carved out the waterways, lifted the mountains, created many of the plants and animals of the Kimberley.
Set a picnic under a giant Boab
Local smoked sea food
A swim in a freshwater lagoon always feels so rewarding


Raft Point to Boondock Bay [7 hours]

We depart Raft Point early, and spend our morning cruising the spectacular Kimberley coastline, meandering along gorges and coastlines, eventually making our way back towards Boondock Bay.

Upon our arrival, and after another gourmet lunch on board, you can choose either to take the tender out again for an afternoon excursion of exploring the islands and coastline, or relax onboard in the jacuzzi and on the sundeck taking in the majestic surrounds and scenery.

The Captain and Guide may organise an afternoon of education with traditional ceremonies to country, painting in aboriginal dot-style, or creating traditional crafts.

Our overnight anchorage is at Boondock Bay.

Lunch on board
"Alone" has never resonated that much !
Afternoon excursion


Boondock Bay to Cygnet Bay [4 hours]

On our final day, we cruise across King Sound making our way back to Cygnet Bay, where the journey all began.

Keeping our eyes open for whales and other marine life along the way, we finish our spectacular Kimberley expedition with a final farewell lunch in Cygnet Bay reflecting on our truly once-in-a-lifetime expedition.

On the last morning, guests will then be transferred to shore and through the pearl farm, where your private air charter awaits.

Bon Voyage!

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This itinerary is a sample only, and suggested by the Captain. It can be tailored to your preferences after consultation with your Travel Creator. The cruising is always subject to changes and amendments pending charter details and weather conditions.