SeeSaw: Environmental Monitoring

Let's look at a river...

Let's imagine a situation involving two parties: farmers who rely on river water for irrigation, and households, who without a proper wastewater system, dump their wastewater in the streets. This water eventually makes its way down into the river.

For the farmers, this is a serious issue! If they irrigate their crops with polluted water not only does this ruin their crops, but also negatively impacts their reputation, and their ability to trade in the global market.

This is where SeeSaw comes in.

Our systems are an excellent way to "track" when sewage or wastewater spills have contaminated the river, and alert the farmers in real-time.

A record for this portion of the river is created, and new information is collected using various different methods. This information can then be retrieved by anyone, in a variety of ways, no matter what day or what time.

So what sort of information do you need? And how can it be collected?

Snapture - It's as easy as 'click', 'click', 'click'

The group of farmers that use river water to irrigate their crops has a farming committee. One member of the committee, Justin, is responsible for tracking contamination in the river. Each morning, Justin walks down to the river and uses Snapture, an Android application that allows him to send in photos and take pictures of codes (similar to QR codes) to relay information.

Justin uses Snapture to answer, among other questions, "Is there contamination today?" and "How large is the contamination?" Justin can also take a picture of the contamination itself.

There are a few perks of Snapture that make it quite easy for Justin to use. First, Justin doesn't have to read anything on the screen so bright sunshine isn't a problem. Second, Justin might want to do an on-site water quality test to determine the potability of the water. As Justin doesn't type anything into the app, he can still collect information even if he is wearing gloves.

Picture taking has never been easier: just press the volume buttons to snap a pic.

Ok great, but the farmers still need to be alerted as to when they can and cannot use water from the river. What happens next?

Meet Samuel

Samuel is one of the farmers who relies on water from the river for irrigation.

After Justin uses Snapture in the morning, Samuel automatically receives an SMS indicating that contamination had been reported and he should not use river water for irrigation.

This gives Samuel enough time to reschedule his day to use water from an alternative source, and more importantly, prevented him from spoiling his crops with polluted water.

But it doesn't stop there...

Let's not forget about YOU - management!

We realise that there are many different areas in a river that need to be monitored, as well as many farmer committees, 'Justin's', and 'Samuel's'. SeeSaw here to help you!

So how does all of this information come together?

We can put all your information points (i.e. areas along a river) in a map, helping you to spot patterns and trends.

Or, place them in Airtable or Trello to assist in organising tasks or job cards.

Of course, you can also receive this information via SMS or email, or other methods and mechanisms that you already use.

So, in short, SeeSaw tools focus on the collection and management of actionable information - to improve oversight, increase accountability, and streamline your processes and systems

As they are highly customisable, SeeSaw tools can be tailored to a wide variety of situations, to gather and bring together different kinds of information, from a range of different sources...

So what's your project?

For more information about SeeSaw tools and how they can be adapted to your project, email us at info@greenseesaw.com


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