Living in the Past, Bringing Back the Wooly Mammoth By Seth Klaiber

With new gene coding discoveries, could Wooly Mammoths be brought back into existence? If so, would they be complete Wooly Mammoth ( Mammuthus primigenius) ?
It is possible to bring back wooly mammoths. Scientistis have used elephant cells and inserted mammoth cells into the elephant cells. The mammoth DNA that contains information such as hair length, hair color, sand ear size has been successfully inserted into lab tested elephant cells.
There will never be a complete wooly mammoth. Because the mammoth genes are inserted to the elephants, there will only be wooly mammoth hybrids. Even thousands of later, when almost all of the wooly mammoth genes are inserted into the animal, it will still be a hybrid between an elephant and mammoth.

I chose this question because I have always been fascinated with creatures that came before us, especially in the era of the Ice Age. To possibly see a version of these animals walking around one day would go against science, and would be an unbelievable sight.

Some questions generated from my original were the of the same topic. Could we bring back the super predator, the sabre tooth tiger? Could we bring back dinosaurs through the lizards on the world today? The wooly mammoth is just the first extinct species from millennias ago to be brought back.

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