The Premier Boudoir Experience By Little Miss Reds Photography

"I am important. I am worth it. I am beautiful and unique, and this makes me amazing."

Every and every client who comes to me is shy and nervous and I love it. I am able to give you a safe space to be yourself without any judgement from the outside world. I want you to dig down deep and truly explore those little things that make you, you. Bringing your personality and vulnerability out in the portraits, these are the things I love helping my clients do. Are you ready to put your trust in me to create art from you? Are you ready to begin the process of self love? Are you ready??

Boudoir isnt just some photos for your significant other

When you book with me, you are getting so much more then just some pretty photos. You are receiving an unforgettable experience with one of the leading boudoir experts in the area. I have dedicated myself to learning all there is to know about boudoir, and the female form, allowing me to understanding how to portray femininity, vulnerability, and sexuality all during one experience. From wardrobe styling assistance, professional hair and make up, posing instruction, and high end product selections, I have created an all inclusive experience. From day one you will never feel alone, confused, judged, or unattractive. I am here to let your natural beauty shine through, all while having fun and learning how to love yourself.

The Consultation

I truly mean I here every step of the way. All my clients receive a consultation in my studio to allow themselves to see the space, and become use to it before their sessions. No confusion on where I am located, or what my space looks like. During this consults, we will talk about your wants, desires, your why, and my favorite part, what to wear! I will help show you options that speak to who you are, and who you want to be. You will have the option to check out my client closet, as well as browsing online with me through a few of my favorite shops. Afterwards I love showing off the products I offer so you can really start thinking about what it is you want to leave this experience with.

During the Session

Our professional hair and make up team LOVE doting on you. They listen to your wants for hair and make up, even offering suggestions if your not entirely sure what it is you want. You will be pampered and spoiled all while helping you relax before you start your session. Once they are finished we step into the shooting space for a little bit more planning. I love laying out all your outfit ideas, explaining to you what I'd love to do with each look, hearing your ideas and then we begin.

Alot of my clients are unsure what it is we do during the session so let me break it down a bit. I talk to you, I make you laugh with funny faces, and fart noises, and I am directing everything! From your facial expressions, your hands, and your body language, I use my knowledge of portrait posing to ensure you are the very best you in the photos. I believe everyone has the boudoir ready body when you have a photographer who knows how to pose it! I am confident in calling myself a boudoir expert, because I have spent most of my education learning how to do just that!

Viewing Party

Within 1 - 2 weeks after your session, I invite you back into my studio once more. We didn't stop celebrating you after the session. Once you come back to the studio, I set up your Boudoir Video. It is a slideshow of your whole session, set to music, on the big screen. I want you to see your art in style! Afterwards, I assist you in picking out your favorites from your gallery of 80 - 100 proofs. Once we have finished, I begin giving you all the options for purchasing your premium products. I truly believe in giving my clients only the best when they look back at their images 50 years from now.

" It's not about seducing men, its about embracing womanhood "

What is the session fee?

My full session fee is $300. In order to book your session I require a $100 nonrefundable retainer, with the remaining due by the date of your session. The session fee does not include products, and I will talk more about them below.

How can you earn credit towards your session or products!?

You can earn $$$ off your session or your product order by referring your friends to me. When you refer Boudoir by Little Miss Reds Photography to your friends you can earn $100 in credit towards your session and your friend can receive 10% off their product orders. This credit does not expire, and can be combined with multiple referral credits. You will receive the credit once your friend has had their session with me. **** You DO NOT have to be a client already to earn this referral credit!!****

Tell me more about these AUHMAZING products you have?

My clients LOVE purchasing an album of their session. Its the perfect way to pick a bunch of images, put them into a discreet products, and physically be able to keep them. I offer my album with a wide range of option allowing you to truly find the one you like.

My album prices start at $500

Aside from my albums, clients love having the option to add their digital images to their order. All digital images come with a print release, giving you the permission to print when you want to.

I offer digital images in groups of 5, 20, or the full gallery, and they begin at $400

Lastly I offer a variety of speciality products from my retro viewfinders, glass photo boxes with 20 matted prints, table top prints, to wall art. These prices all vary

I enjoy offering packages on my products as well, think of this as a bundled set, already saving you a bit of money. My smallest package begins at $800 and automatically saves you $300. The savings only get better from there!!

Products will be fully gone over during your consultation along with physically viewing everything I offer. I enjoy having my clients touch and feel the products, as I believe it really helps you decide what it is you want.

Are you ready to book your boudoir experience?

Want to read more?!

Payment Plans

I truly want you to have the experience you need. But I understand if that means you do not have the means to pay for it all at once. I am happy to announce I do offer payment options to allow you to get everything you want from me. These options are flexible and unique to you, as you get to pick how much you pay and how often.

Shooting Locations

While I do have a studio, this does not mean we have to limit ourselves to the normal. Want to be a bit crazy? Or think outside the box? We can easily change the location of your session. Want to have fun in the comfort of your own home? We can plan in your living room, kitchen, bath room, and bedroom. I offer to stage your house for you (Which really just means simplifying the space) so its more photo ready. Want to go a bit crazier?! Consider an outdoor session! I know the perfect locations to fit your desires and your comfort levels, all while creating a fun background for your images.

Whats this Client Closet you mention?

Its exactly that! A closet for my clients to choose pieces from. I offer a collection of fun pieces I have purchased over the years in a wide variety of sizes. Its a fun way to find something to wear without the hassle of shopping for it yourself. All pieces are cleaned after every client, and I do suggest bringing your own pair of black or nude thongs to wear under any body piece. Aside from clothes I also offer heels and jewelry! I truly dont want you to stress any more then you need to over your session!

Was there anything I didnt answer for you? Do you have any other comments or concerns?! Please send me a message so I can help you begin planning your session!

Ready to book your experience?!

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