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"I am important. I am worth it. I am beautiful and unique, and this makes me amazing."

Hi y'all! I am happy to see you at this point in the process. Most people find themselves too scared to even think about the idea of baring it all in front of a stranger, but in the end you can only regret the chances you never took! So sit back, relax, and learn what being a rebel is all about! In this welcome guide you will find out why I am so passionate about boudoir, what makes my experiences so empowering, and how you can learn to love and accept yourself as you are today!

Be prepared to see yourself the way we see you

Rebel is about embracing your unique beauty, and learning to love you for who you are as a person. We are all unique and in our studio there is no such thing as the "perfect" body. We are all warriors and queens, and I wouldn't want it any other way. In our studio "sexy" isn't defined by your shape or your age. Your size has nothing to do with your confidence levels. Here in our studio, you will begin to understand that you are important, and enough, and that they way you feel about yourself truly is what matters most!

This is a call to love the body you have! Our ladies are on a journey to accept themselves and the bodies they have. You cant pour from an empty cup, and you cant properly take care of something you do not love! So, take time out of each day to check yourself out, be kind to yourself, and validate that you are enough. You deserve a life filled with happiness and love. Whether you're already love yourself, on the pathway to, or need the extra jump start, Rebel and our team are here to be your personal cheerleaders in loving the gorgeous woman you are.

Nobody can give you confidence to love yourself, this has to come from within
Do this for you, before you do it for anyone else.

Boudoir is an expression of sexuality and empowerment. While an album makes a fantastic gift for a partner, make sure you’re doing this for the right reasons. The album might be for them, but the experience is for you. Get ready to bring out that Boss Babe and rock your session.

Allow yourself permission to be sexy and have fun. We are going to focus on these three things:




Life begins at the end of your comfort zone
Take the first step

Your consultation is the first time you will meet me, the first time you will view the studio, and the first time you'll truly decide to let me guide you in this experience.

Our consultations are usually about an hour long and take place in our Norfolk studio. During this casual chat we will talk about your desires, your vision, and your fears. I prepare you for what to expect when you begin shooting with me, and what happens afterwards, during your viewing party. You will even get to see all the albums we have to offer as well as the other amazing products!

While this appointment is complimentary its a great place to ask me any questions you may have, as well as address your concerns about your session! We want this to be a celebration of who you are, and this is something that requires confidence and courage, two things women often often feel like they lack. This experience can be an awesome way in trying something a bit outside of your box, all the while looking sexy and hot!

So, whether you are trying to be better connected to your femininity or you want to straight up celebrate it, we’ve got the perfect experience to spice things up a little and give you an album that you’ll cherish for the rest of your life.

And don’t forget, it’s all about YOU! We give you permission to be the hottest chick in the room and we will help you own that mindset. You’ll be glad you did this.

This experience is all about you

Are you more modest?

I can make any women feel sexy, even if she is in sweat pants. Everyone has a different level of comfort and you do not have to be in lingerie to feel beautiful and sexy. Want to remain more covered up during your session? Easy peasy! Bring in a tank top, your favorite shirt, or even a robe and we can rock it out!

Want to show off more skin?

Some of my favorite pieces are simply body suits, or bra and panty sets. Part of the experience with me is my ability to help you pick out pieces based on what you want to show off, and what parts you would like to de-emphasize!

Being Nakey is always an option

Seriously! And its free! As a rule, I never photograph the nether regions, but anything else is up to you! Almost all of my clients love the liberating experience of getting naked, even if its only for implied shots!

What makes you feel sexy?



What makes you feel sexy?

Are you a vixen, or something softer and sweeter? Are you saucy or more quiet? I want to help you see how beautiful you are by being WHO you are. This experience is not about dressing you up and making you into someone you're not, but instead its about embracing and loving who you are as a individual.

It doesn't have to be scary

Let me explain what you can expect from your experience with Rebel

  • Once you are finished ready over this guide, email me to book your consultation
  • During your consultation we will go over the contract, the retainer will be paid and you will pick your date in my calendar
  • Send me any ideas or outfits you have found, if you would like any help with them
  • Review the session prep guide that I will email out to you!
  • Your hot & steamy session!!
  • Viewing party that takes places 1 - 3 weeks after your session!
  • I will hand deliver your products to you 3-4 weeks after your total is paid!

We are here for you the entire step of the way. This is a once in a lifetime dream session for most of our ladies and our primary goal is to give you the experience you've always wanted. Do not hesitate to call or email with questions throughout your time with us!

Lets get this out of the way

By this point, you have an idea of what the process looks like and you have seen plenty of images of awesome chicks. Some of you may be wondering things like: will I look good doing this? Do I have the confidence for boudoir? What if I don't like how I look? Am I good enough for this? Can I spend that kind of money on myself? If you have transcended these feelings of self doubt, go ahead and skip to the next section! But, if you need a few words of encouragement, then read on babe.

Let us first say that boudoir is for every woman and every body type. Our promise to you is our creative team will show you the most beautiful images of yourself you've ever seen. Sexy does not have a dress size. You will be posed and coached the whole way. The session is a fluid conversation all about YOU and what makes you your sexy self.

A note about confidence. There is a common misconception about what confidence is. Confidence is earned from doing things that require you to be brave, babe! Hardly any of our clients walk right into their sessions feeling like super models. It's our job to pull that out of you. And if you don't think we can, then we personally challenge you to let us try! Join the women who are pushing out of their comfort zones and showing themselves the courage from within.

You are good enough. You are good enough to go after anything you want. Sometimes life happens. And sometimes those things leave us with negative self beliefs. What if we told you those negative beliefs about your body and your beauty just aren't true? What if we showed you?

We serve women of all different income levels. Our yearly salaries do not dictate who we are as people; or as women. No matter what amount of money you spend on your session, YOU are worth every penny. You are making a proprietary investment in your youth, beauty, and self worth.

But who am I to preach acceptance?

I am a woman who also struggles everyday with this idea that I wish I could be someone else. Confidence does not come with a lack of self doubt. I have spent years believing I was invisible and I have always accounted that to my looks, or lack there of.

Photographing boudoir changes my way of thinking, just as much as it will yours. With every session, and with every client that I help, I am in turn building up the sense that I am in fact good enough, and loving my self shouldn't be an option, but a requirement

Its not about seducing men, its about embracing womanhood

Are you ready to become a Rebel? Here's how!!

You will need to officially fill out our studio contract and place you $100 retainer down on your session. This retainer is meant to book that date in my calendars and is therefore non-refundable. We often book ladies months in advance so in order to be fully booked both contract and retainer must happen!

Products and Images are sold separately. Your session fee commissions our creative team to produce stunning images for you, and what you decide to purchase at your reveal is entirely up to you! Because of this you are able to purchase exactly what it is you want. On average, clients are spending approximately $1000 on their collections.

Session Fee - $350

Your session fee includes:

  • In person Planning Consultation before your Session
  • Professional Hair and Make-up team
  • Access to our client closet
  • Expert facial and posing guidance during your session
  • 1 Hour shooting time - 2-4 outfits
  • Professional Retouched images
  • Image Reveal 1 - 3 weeks after your session
Our Collections

Ultimate Album Collection - $2300

  • 10x10 Album with 30 images
  • Full Gallery with Print Release
  • $300 in Product credit

Ultimate Box Collection - $1800

  • 5x7 Photo Box with Prints
  • Full Gallery with Print Release
  • $300 in Product Credit

Album + Box Collection - $1300

  • 8x8 Album with 30 images
  • 5x7 Photo Box with Prints
A La Carte

Luxury Albums with 30 Images

  • 10x10 Album - 1300
  • 8x8 Album - 1000

Basic Albums with 15 Images*

  • 10x10 album - 1050
  • 8x8 album - 850
  • 6x6 album - 650

*Basic Album Upgrade - Upgrade to 30 images in your album $50

Digital Images

  • Full Gallery - 1800
  • 20 Images - 1000
  • 5 Images - 400
  • Phone app with Full Gallery - $550

** Are you buying an Album? Add on your digital images from your album for only an additional $350 **

Specialty Products

  • 5x7 Photo box with prints - 750
  • 4x6 Photo box with prints - 650
  • Retro Viewfinder - 250
  • 3x3 accordion album - 250
  • 8x10 table top print - 65

Print, Canvas, & Metal Wall Art options starting at 115. Collections of wall art starting at $325

Can't decide what you want? Get everything!

We love our flexible options for payment plans! Payment plans are fantastic for our clients who want to make a proprietary investment in their beauty and self esteem, but pricing may not be one swipe of a bank card for them. Below we illustrate ways we try to make this experience as accessible as possible for as many women as we can.

Referral Program

Our referral program is the easiest way to get some cash taken off your final order total at your reveal. Refer a friend and you'll gain $100 in studio credit. Once your girlfriends' session fee is paid and they have made it onto our schedule, we will make a note of your credit in your client file. You may apply this to your upcoming order, or for your next boudie session with us!

Boudie Bank Account

Our Boudie Bank Account is a cute way of saying "pre-payment." Some of our ladies opt to do a pre-session payment plan so they can get their products faster after their reveal AND it earns you 10% in studio credit for every dollar you pre-pay before the day of your session.

PayPal Credit

PayPal credit offers zero interest financing for 6-18 months and the great part about it is you get your products right away. It's also a great option if this session is being gifted to your parter and perhaps would like to avoid them glimpsing at it in the statement. If you feel this is a good option for you, we suggest applying before your reveal to see how much you'll be approved for so you can plan accordingly. Though you are certainly welcome to apply for it at your reveal appointment as well.

In-House Payment Plan

Our in-house payment plan is a very flexible solution for installments for any purchase over $1000.00. Purchases under $1000 will likely be easily accepted by PayPal Credit. 15% of your order total is due at your viewing party. The remainder may be broken into installments for up to 6 months. It is an automatic debit system requiring your card be kept on file. A late fee of 3% is added after the 10th day of delinquency and accrues additional 3% late fees for each 10 days after that. Products will be ready for pickup upon completion of the installment agreement.

Top questions

I'm not a model, can I still do this?

Rest assured, none of the images in my portfolio or on my website are of models! I work with women of all shapes, sizes, ages, and ethnicity and thats how I like it! These women are mothers, grandmothers, wives, and single ladies, all who just want to be reminded about how strong and fearless they can be!

So yes, you're the perfect person for a session!

Where does a session take place?

This is my favorite questions because its all up to you! Do you want the comfort of my studio where I can hand select the set to match who you are? Do you want to play around in your own home? Don't worry I will perfect your space in home to be perfect for any session! Or do you want to have fun outside!? I know of a few spots that offer varying levels of privacy and uniqueness!

What if I want my images to remain private?

Privacy is 150% my top priority! I will never post any of your images without your express and written permission! The first time I will ask will be right after your session, if I can post a few sneak peeks in my private group. You can choose no, and instead I will privately show you them! Then after your reveal you will receive an email asking if you would consider signing a model release allowing me to share your images on my website, social media, and more. If this release is not signed, I will not post your images! You also have the option to add stipulations to what I can and cannot post! Your trust in me is more important then being able to share your images!

How long does the session last

I suggest to my clients to plan for 3 hours from start to finish! Hair and make up is included with every session and typically takes about 45 minutes to an hour and 15 minutes. From there we spend a few moments planning out how the session will go with the outfits you brought or borrowed from the client closet. Then I typically shoot for about 20 minutes per outfit! This almost always ends us right at the 3 hr mark!!

Whats this client closet you have?

Its exactly that! A closet for my clients to choose pieces from. I offer a collection of fun pieces I have purchased over the years in a wide variety of sizes. Its a fun way to find something to wear without the hassle of shopping for it yourself. All pieces are cleaned after every client, and I do suggest bringing your own pair of black or nude thongs to wear under any body piece. Aside from clothes I also offer heels and jewelry! I truly don't want you to stress any more then you need to over your session!

Lets book your session!

I am so excited to begin this journey with you. To ensure you get on my schedule make sure to email me at Tiffany@boudoirrebels.com or follow the contact page on my website to plan your consultation! Let me know when you message me that you have already read over the welcome guide!

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