National Women's Month By: Dallas Meddel

Mary Louise Streep was born June 22nd, 1949. Classified as the best actress of her generation, she is known for her roles and transformation in her characters. She received her first Academy Award for The Deer Hunter. She has been nominated for 20 Academy Awards in total, she's had more nominations than any other actor or actress. She's also received 30 Golden Globe nominations - winning eight - which is still more than any other actor and actress.

Sandra Day O'Connor was born March 26th, 1930. She was the first woman to have a seat in the Supreme Court. She served in 1981 by President Reagan, all the way up until retirement in 2006. She was also an official elect and judge in Arizona, serving as the first Republican female in Arizona. Six months after graduating law school, she married and had three sons. Her husband suffered from Alzheimer's for almost 20 years until dying in 2009, and she decided to involve herself in raising awareness for the disease.

Geraldine Ferraro was born August 26th, 1935 and had died March 26th, 2011. She was a member of the Democratic party, and was apart of the House of Representatives. In 1984, she was the first female presidential candidate. During Ronald REagan's presidency, she served as a U.S Ambassador for the U.S Commission on Human Rights for three years. She also served in the campaign of Hillary Clinton in 2008. She died from multiple myeloma, 12 years after being diagnosed.


Created with images by Alan Light - "Meryl Streep"

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