Gray's Reef Nicole burke

Gray's Reef is located about 16 miles east of Sapelo Island, Georgia.

There are lots and lots of different species in Gray's Reef, some of them are shown below…


Bottlenose Dolphins

Spotted Dolphins

Logger Head Sea Turtles


…and many more!

The key species at Gray's Reef include, benthic and pelagic fish. These species feed off of each other and live in the same areas, those are two ways that they interact with each other.
A couple of unique features this reef has is, it is a 22 square miles of a live and sandy bottom. It also has an over lying water column. At one time this Reef was a dry land.

Humans play a significant role in this reef, from diving, fishing, swimming and boating. Everything humans do on top of and in the radius of the reef effects it whether it be a big effect or a little effect, an effect is an effect. The reef has guidelines and restrictions for divers, boaters and fishers that they are expected to follow. The upkeep of the trash and pollution of the water is in the hand of humans.

Just like in every reef trash is a major issue. In Gray's Reef trash is a major problem along with animals dying and becoming distressed and injured.

Gray's Reef is protecting it's culture and natural aspects of the reef by installing guidelines and regulations as to what one can and can't do.

The main thing research at Gray's Reef is fish and their behaviors. The fish are tagged and monitored; this is done so that they can learn what helps the fish and what doesn't help the fish. This is done so that in the future they can help protect fish more and only allow things that help them not hurt them.
After conducting research I believe that Gray's Reef is a designated national marine sanctuary because it has a lot of interesting features, it has a beautiful coral reef along with lots and lots of species. An effort to keep protected is because it is open to research and it allows people to gain more knowledge on the oceans.


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