Canada In 2050 By: Hanna


Canada's current population is 36 million with a growing rate of 1.04% every year. The population has doubled since 1951 and 2001. If the population continues to increase then Canada will soon be a very populated country. But this is unlikely according to recent population studies because birth rate is slowly decreasing every year. Also, baby boomers that fall under the dependency load are affecting the death rate and will continue until 2050.

Overall, Canada is expecting a slowly decreasing population by 2050.


Currently, Canada draws 220 thousand people a year. This number has to double because of the lack of labor workers. We need good immigrants since immigrants are much better educated than us. Every year, Canada accepts 250 thousand immigrants. Because of the working age in Canada is slowly growing short in population causing a labor deficit. By 2050, there will be a shortage in people who work and a much bigger dependency load.

By 2050, there will be a shortage in people who work and a much bigger dependency load.


The current native American population in Canada is 360, 620. Currently there is a potential citing in the high rate of unemployment and a low rate of secondary and post-secondary graduation among aboriginal people. In Canada, there are 1,400,685 people with an aboriginal identity. Native Americans count for 3.8% of the Canadian population. Bit in 2050, the population will count for 7% of the population. Death rate will also decrease by 2050 because of the better health care funded by the government. Native Americans will become a stage 3 community in 2050 with a rapidly increasing population.

Overall, native Americans will get more rights, better health care and an increasing population by 2050.


Canada's current natural increase is stable but is also slowly increasing by 0.1% per year. But birth rate is slowly going down every year. Natural increase between 2006 and 2011 was 5.9%. By 2050, birth rate is expected to go down because of better family planning, good health care, & better improved status for women and marriages. These days, women are becoming more focused on their career and have less time to think about starting a family and kids. The number of deaths in 2009 was around 238,418 and in 2011 the death rate increased to about 242,074 people.

Overall, by 2050 the birth rate and death rate is expected to go down also with a slight increase of natural increase.


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