Pop Art By dawson pate

Pop art includes images from popular culture and combined with unrelated material. Pop art start in the mid to late 50s in Britain and slowly spread to the United States a few years after.

The main purpose of pop art is for mainly advertisement and things like comic books. It got popular because it was seen as postmodern art due to the images being very popular at the time.

4 famous pop artists were - Eduardo Paolozzi, Richard Hamilton, Larry Rivers and Jasper Johns

Characteristics of this art is that it uses popular images at the time that it is being made.

It is called pop art because it has many different colors and it just pops out at you. It is also called that because it uses pictures or logos that are popular.

I chose this movement because I like how all of the colors pop out and how it is able to really get my attention in a fun way.

Many things that were commonly painted were logos that were popular at the time of being painted. It also shows characters that are popular such as Natalie Monroe or Darth Vader as seen in the picture above.

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