photosynthesis Tyler Janshen

There are two steps to photosynthesis. step one is the electron transport chain which takes place in the chloroplast.

the green circles are the chloroplasts in the cell

in step one plants capture the energy from the sun and turn it into food for the plant. this process is light dependent. Light from the sun hits photosystem II. the photo systems contain pigments like chlorophyll that trap the light. when this happens a water molecule is split and an electron is released into the chain. Oxygen is given off

this picture shows that plants take in energy,water,and carbon dioxide and let out oxygen,and carbohydrates

during step one the energy molecules ATP and NADPH are made. these energy molecules are young in step two of the Calvin cycle.

the calvin cycle does not require light. the calvin cycle takes in co2 and makes sugars like glucolsye. this takes place in the stroma of the chloroplast

takes 6 turns of the calvin cycle to make one molecule of glucolse


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