Now that my proposal and presentation is done, it is time to begin creating research for my game. To start with I looked at the primary data I got from my work experience in Florence, Italy. I went though all of the images and selecting specific ones that I found suitable for analysis and after picking out around 8-10 images I put them into a Photoshop document shrunk them so they all fit, rotated images when needed due to it being taken on a phone and then finally I began analyzing them going though each one and pointing out what I liked and in some cases how it came to be, which influenced to some degree how much I liked it. An example of this was the old fashioned wheat dispenser which I included mostly because of the fact that it was where people went to get cereal. I think most of this in hind sight is still effective as a strategy considering the fact I purposely took my personal bias into account helps me change it from the original inspiration as well as not duplicating anybodies current work within the games industry. One thing I would do different is not use a phone to capture images I want to use because it was a bit of a pain having to rotate all 10 images, I could also alternatively for save money on not buying a camera I could pay attention to which way I'm holding my phone when taking photo's to prevent randomly flipped images.

Moodboard from Florence

Another thing I did was create my Trello plan for the rest of my project which I intended to create much sooner but because I wasn't here for most of week one and week two I needed to catch up on lost time with my proposal and presentation I didn't have time to do it up until now. Even though it isn't optimal I didn't really need tello unto now because the tasks I did prior are simple additions to the trello so I don't regret my decision of leaving it to catch up because now that I have the time and now it's coming into relevancy.

I Began writing a spider scribe monday morning to help visualise idea's and also help plan for future project idea's by creating new branches to then later develop. So far I have planned out shops and potential items they could stock, and what those items will do. I would have preferred to have this start in week one like my plan suggests but I found I didn't have the time and only created an account, one extra week of personal idea's going into this week where I started analysing for possible idea's would have helped me due to having clearer goals already in place.

In unreal this week I have created the basic development of a not textured level for my player to go though, from level to level and also taking damage from basic spikes. The only other thing I have attempted to create is a way to spawn and fire projectiles. I have managed to figure out how to spawn them but I have not gotten the projectile to actually move though.

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