It's a Wonderful Life: Especially filled with Dogs

"It's a Wonderful Life" has not only been a motto that my family has lived by, but it is also a movie that has created a tradition every Christmas Eve and it has birthed the names of our precious dogs.

When I was 3 years old, my brothers were 7 and 9, we were begging our parents for a very special christmas present -- a dog. We knew the responsibility that a dog would bring and we were ready.

As another Christmas Eve passed with the watching of “It’s a Wonderful Life,’’ and a new Christmas morning arrived, we were greeted with our very own black lab puppy.

We were so excited that we did not even realize the name on the collar. My parents told us to look at the collar. As our gaze turned from the cute puppy dog face to the collar, we saw his name.


His full name was George Bailey Mitchell. Our first dog was named after George Bailey, the father from "It’s a Wonderful Life."

Our family had a new family member that would protect, love, and cuddle with each and every family member for 14 years.

After my brothers went away to college and it was just Bailey and me, our house began to feel awfully quiet and we wanted another a dog. So, the spring of my freshman year we got a new family member. Our new member was a Miniature Labradoodle. We thought long and hard about his name, but we ultimately named him Harry. Harry is the name of George Bailey’s brother in “It’s a Wonderful Life.” Harry was a WWI hero that saved the lives of many in the movie.

Harry and Bailey lived as best friends and brothers in our big backyard. They would play together and run around all the while Bailey was protecting his small new brother.

This past summer, however, our sweet Bailey was called to live his last wonderful summer. He was almost 15 years old.

As 9 months have gone, which have been lonely for Harry, we have decided to add another wonderful life to our family. We decided since I am leaving for college in a few months my parents and Harry need another companion roaming around the house.

As we plan on getting our new pup in April, it is only fitting to continue with "It's a Wonderful Life" family names.

In honor of our first sweet protector, friend, and dog we find it only fitting to name our new family member George. Bailey's first name was George and in the movie George Bailey is the main character who ultimately learns that life truly is wonderful.

Having two inside dogs will be challenging, but we know with a WWI pilot leading the way there should be no turbulence in this wonderful life.