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My name is Isaac Cuevas. I'm a middle school student and I live in Chicago, Illinois. I am 14 years old and enjoy writing. I created this page in my Social Studies class but really enjoy writing and expressing myself in every sentence. Most of my writing includes opinion. Usually my work is handwritten or typed out but In Social Studies, I learned to convert my writing into a recording of my voice, creating more emotion and interest. In this page I will post recordings of my voice where I will debate or share my opinion.

Me at the age of 1.

Steve Jobs: A Bite Into The Future of Technology

The man who changed technology forever.

Steve Jobs posing with his first Macintosh Computer


During the holocaust, a horrible series of events occurred in these times. As the hatred towards Jews grew stronger for the Nazis, so does the terror.

In this podcast, I focus on the important information that occurred during this horrific series of events.

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Isaac Cuevas


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