GEICO More than just car insurance

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  1. Company Background
  2. Services
  3. Company Culture
  4. Opportunities For You

Company Background

  • GEICO stands for Government Employee Insurance Company
  • Employs over 36,000 associates
  • Insures more than 24 million vehicles

More Than Just Car Insurance

  • Has 16 major offices around the country
  • Provides 24-hour service, seven days a week, 365 days a year
  • Offers more than 20 types of insurance services
  • Other types of insurance: homeowners, renters, flood, life, travel, idendity, pet

Company Culture

  • GEICO prides itself on providing respect, support and opportunity
  • Invests in employees and maintains supportive workplace to help associates achieve their career goals and personal aspirations
  • Rewards performance and accomplishments
  • Recognizes personal successes, innovation, service, and leadership

Internships and Development Programs

  • Internships: Operations and Technology
  • Development Programs: Management Development Program and Emerging Leaders Program
  • For business, math, and IT related majors
  • Get your foot in the door as an intern to launch your career at GEICO


  • GEICO is more than just a car insurance provider
  • GEICO provides a variety of insurance services to customers and unique internship and career options to students and recent graduates


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