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Family of four gets lost in Tasmanian wilderness

For thousands of years, Man has used nature to provide us with food, shelter, and water. However, it does has some dangers. The Duckworth family, from Prairie Village, learned this lesson the hard way. What started of as an innocent way to go on a hike and enjoy the nature around them turned into an endless hike through the ravenous Tasmanian landscape.

On March 5th, 2012, Andrea, Mike, Elaine, and Keaton Duckworth embarked on what turned out to be the worst hike of their life. Their destination was Wineglass Bay, a bay with some of the clearest water and most beautiful scenery you will ever see. This bay is one of the top destinations in all of Tasmania.

The hike there was seemingly innocent. It took maybe forty minutes and the trail was along a mountain so there was always a beautiful scene. They finally arrived and saw the bay.

“It looked like a wineglass” claimed Keaton Duckworth, one of the members of the family.

This is where the problem began. The family has seen the bay and were prepared for the hike home. They reached a crossroad. One sign led the way back to where they came. The other sign led to a longer path back to the beginning that supposedly had better scenery. Being the incredibly daredevilish, risk taking, stupid family they were, the Duckworths took the longer route back. Everything was downhill from there.

The first ten minutes were nice. The sign was right, and the scenery was amazing. However, at the 11th minute, they ran out of water. Elaine Duckworth, who goes by Lainie, had drank it all. The family started struggling. They walked into a field.

“I saw the field and thought it was our destination” Keaton Duckworth said to authorities, “Little did i know, the worst was yet to come.”

They pressed on, driven by the thought of their thirst and hunger being quenched. At this point, they had entered a forest area. The kids were struggling. The parents were struggling even more. While on the brink of death, the family saw the destination which they has suffered so much and lost so much to find: their car.

“I saw the car, and I was the happiest person in the world” claimed Keaton Duckworth.

The Duckworths were a different family after this experience. They never were not prepared again, and now cherish every day of their lives.

The Duckworth children minutes before the tragedy struck

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The horrible struggle

Eyesight is something that most people take for granted. This should not be the case. The truth is that some people, such as Aaron Fischer, an eighth grade student at Indian Hills Middle School, are challenged by their lack of eyesight.

Thankfully, technology has allowed us to create glasses, peculiar little devices that rest upon someone's ears and cover their eyes with special lenses, that can help the poor souls see better. These glasses, however, are not perfect. Aaron had something to say about these glasses and how the real struggle they present him.

“They get dirty” claimed Aaron Fischer in a mad rant over the devastation of glasses.

Aaron has had glasses since he was three, so he is used to the struggle. However, he does occasionally get mad at this tragedy, and goes on rampages. This is of coarse expected; anyone who has suffered through the horrors of this realize the hardship of glasses. Once we calmed Aaron down, he agreed to help answer some questions about this.

“I don’t like having pieces of metal with glass in it on my head,” exclaimed Aaron.

We asked him some more questions, and learned that having glasses is straight up horrible. It holds Aaron back constantly, and he is a real trooper to endure this pain. It is time we acknowledge the struggle that a large chunk of our population goes through on a daily basis, and work to make sure these poor souls do not have to face the challenges brought to them by glasses.

Dogs deserve the power

Dogs have been fighting for rights for hundreds of years

Every day, dogs live the harsh reality of not having rights. There are over 77 million dogs in our country, each one of them with the same amount of rights: none. Dogs have been loyal to mankind for thousands of years, so it is only fair that they get representation in the government and have rights. Some people, most likely cat lovers, believe that dogs should not have rights. They might think that dogs are unqualified to vote and have rights. However, dogs are incredibly intelligent. Most dogs, not including the top intelligent breeds, are as smart as a two or three year old baby. If dogs are as smart as our own children, why should they not get to have a say in the government. Also, dogs are incredibly loyal and have proved to be loyal since the beginning of time. If these animals have proved to be super loyal, we should be able to reward them by incorporating them into our

Dogs have been on a perilous road to fighting for their rights for a long time government. And my final reason that I believe we should give our K-9 companions representation in our government is the fact that they can be put on probation and sent to a kennel, while still they have no say in this. It is practically the Americans wanting representation in their government from the British. America is known for freedom and equality, so why should we ruin this reputation and not give these magical mammals rights?

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Oceans 11 Review

Ever since it’s creation in 2001, “Ocean’s 11” has blown audiences away. Everything from the impeccable cast and perfected filmwork to the elegant scenery and amazing soundtrack will sweep you away into a whole new world full of crime, gambling, and love. The story follows Danny Ocean (George Clooney) after his release from prison. He and Rusty Ryan (Brad Pitt) gather a group of men in order to pull of the ultimate heist and get Ocean’s ex-wife back. Full of exciting, nail-biting scenes, this movie will have you sitting at the edge of your seat until you accidently fall off! George Clayton Johnson, one of the writers of the movie stated “This may be my best piece of work I will ever accomplish.” This may be my favourite movie I have seen, and the only regrets you will have about it is not seeing it.

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Roger Federer wins 18th Grand Slam Title

RF's Website-

There has been a lot of recent speculation recently whether or not tennis star Roger Federer’s career is coming to an end. However, this speculation came to an abrupt end as Roger Federer hit the final shot of the championship match of the 2017 Australian Open.

Roger Federer has inspired many up and coming tennis players for the past 19 years. Many players and analysts have deemed him to be the best tennis player of all time. He has won 18 Grand Slam Titles in his life, 4 more than any other player has accomplished.

Despite all of these accomplishments, Federer has been getting older and has not been as successful in the past few major tournaments. This all came to end when he beat Rafael Nadal, one of his long time rivals, in the Australian Open championship match. The match went into five sets, the maximum amount, and lasted 3 hours 38 minutes. This match was the first time Federer had played Nadal and been victorious in a Grand Slam tournament since 2009.

After this match took place, critics stopped saying that Federers career was at an end. However, Federers reign is almost drawing to an end, but no matter what, his legacy will continue to inspire others until the end of tennis.


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