Florida Museum of Natural History By: Manuela Escobar

Photo taken from: http://www.visitgainesville.com/articles/gainesville-5-ways/

Nature on Display: The exhibit that I decided to attend and the one the made the biggest impact and impression on me was the Butterfly exhibit. The design of this wing of the museum was so appealing because immediately walking in I saw all the beautiful butterflies, and all the different types that there are. The walls full of butterflies were enjoyable to sit and just look at all the beautiful different colors and shapes and sizes. It was greatly displayed because it also told me where they were from and I was able to see how in different regions of the world, the butterflies differ and how some were similar. It was very well put together and very friendly environment. If they would have spread it out more, I would then not have been able to compare all the butterflies with the different parts of the world that they come from.

Nature and Ethics

The butterfly exhibit allowed me to experience nature in manner I didn't deem possible. I was able to appreciate nature and realize that in life people shouldn't be ignorant to the beauty around them. Many will pass through life without stopping and looking at nature and everything that it has to give, in this example butterflies. As I went through the museum I would think of all the things that people take for granted about nature, and how we walk through life without realizing all that is around you. Because of the museum I now realized how beautiful nature is, more beautiful then I thought before. Other people in the museum were as mesmerized by the butterflies as I was. The museum allowed people to connect to nature by using interesting elements. The machine in the picture above was actually a microscope that allowed you to see certain parts of the butterfly, like a leg or antenna; we looked close up to their anatomy of those certain parts. Another interesting thing was um a magnifying glass with different butteries, which then allowed us to see the differences between them.

Nature and the Human Spirit: This museum and this exhibit have shown me and the people that visit it, that nature is a large part of our lives, whether we realize it or not. Nature is something that influences our lives and is connected to our lives in many forms. In this picture, in the background there are cocoons and butterflies. This shows a strong connection between nature and man. Just like man, nature reproduces and will always be a whole part of our lives. We should appreciate and take care of nature, in the same way it has taken care of us for so many years. This museum really reassures you whether you are a nature lover or a the complete opposite.

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