Domestic Violence in Morocco by Jenna Reagan

In morocco, husbands hit their wives. domestic violence occurs far too often.

Women in Morocco protest against domestic violence.

Domestic Violence is in violation of Article 5 in the Declaration of Human Rights.

"No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment"

Domestic Violence is a prevalent issue in Morocco. Daily, women are punished by their husbands and have to undergo beatings dealt by them.

"A national survey of women aged 18 to 65 by the Moroccan High Commission for Planning found that in 2009 nearly two-thirds – 62.8 percent – had experienced physical, psychological, sexual, or economic violence. Of the sample interviewed, 55 percent reported “conjugal” violence and 13.5 percent reported “familial” violence. "

Why is Domestic Violence happening?

Domestic violence occurs when a person uses physical violence, coercion, threats, intimidation, isolation, stalking, emotional abuse, sexual abuse or economic abuse to control another partner in a relationship. In Morocco, gender inequality is a big issue that leads to domestic violence. Men feel women are subordinate to them. Therefore, they view and treat them as lesser. This is a big cause of why domestic violence is happening. So, the question is...

Why is Domestic Violence still prevalent?

There is no law specifically against domestic violence in Morocco. This is a big reason of why Moroccan women are protesting and gaining support to be influential towards their government.

"Currently, no specific legislation addressing violence against women exists in Morocco ... [Moroccan] laws have legal gaps, are insufficient to prevent, investigate, and punish violence against women, are discriminatory, and rarely enforced by the justice system in cases of gender-based violence, such as sexual harassment, rape, and domestic abuse."

Global Awareness of Domestic Violence in Morocco

A Moroccan TV show aired a segment on how to cover up bruises.

A Moroccan TV show aired a makeover segment that showed how to cover up scars and bruises from abuse. This is a suggestion towards suppressing your domestic violence. The station apologized and removed the segment but the damage was done. The TV show segment got worldwide attention and sparked outrage and protest not only in Morocco, but around the globe. Many women had been afraid to notify police after an incident.

"The 2011 survey on violence against women conducted by the Moroccan government found that 55% of reported acts of violence experienced by women were perpetrated by husbands against wives, and that victims reported the violence in only 3% of cases."
An advert to end domestic violence in Morocco.

Although there is global awareness, not much is being done to change rules. Women are starting to protest in Morocco to try and change these laws to ensure their safety from spousal harm. Women are trying to figure out their options on how to escape but it's not that simple.

Domestic Violence Shelters

Many shelters are more harmful than helpful in Morocco.

"Women and girls said they had few places to go to escape domestic violence. The small number of shelters that take in domestic violence survivors are run by nongovernmental organizations with little bed capacity and meager resources. "
People rallying for Amnesty International Morocco.

Many women are terrified to seek help or find non helpful organizations. Many are illiterate and received little to no education, so leaving their husband would be hard work and nearly impossible to prosper without them. So many unfortunately stay with their abuser.

Domestic violence is a prevalent issue facing women in Morocco. Not much is being done due to the current laws and poor shelters. Protest is the one hope people have to changing the face of domestic violence and preventing it for good.


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