Terracotta Army By: Jake Robertson

The Terracotta Army is a set of constructed men used to guard a tomb and help the emperor in the afterlife. The Army has more than 8,000 warriors, 130 chariots, involving 520 horses and finally 150 cavalry horses.

The Terracotta Army was constructed around 210 BCE. It was then lost until it's rediscovery in 1974 by Chinese farmers. They are believed to have been constructed in 3 large pits.

Terracotta army location in Shaanxi
  • Each one of the soldier's have unique faces
  • Each soldier is around 5' in height
  • They were all arranged by rank
  • There are musicians, dancers and acrobats
  • Archaeologists believe the tomb was never completed
  • Almost all the soldiers were equipped with real weapons
  • Most of the weapons are well preserved
  • The weapons were made of bronze
  • The emperor's tomb is still unexcavated
  • The debate continues whether to excavate the emperors tomb
Man and his horse visit the Terracotta Army
  • In total archaeologists have excavated a total of 40,000 bronze weapons
  • Many of the body parts of the soldiers were constructed of a mold an early type of assembly line.
  • Historians believe that some 700,000 workers worked for nearly 30 years on this 20 square-mile compound
  • The emperor died nearly 2,200 years ago
  • The Emperor buried in the tomb ascended to the throne at age 13
Man ushers his touch-allergic horse
  • The emperor who started the project initially was searching for immortality
  • Construction began as soon as Emperor of Qin took power
  • Each soldier has a 2.25 square-foot footprint
  • The army took 40 years to finish
  • The soldiers remained untouched for 2000 years
  • Various uses were used to paint the statues a realistic color
  • All statues were made to represent every battalion in the Chinese Army
  • All the horses are saddled
  • The Terracotta army is one of the oldest and most important dig-sites in history
  • The archaeological site where the imperial burial site was discovered was labeled a UNESCO world heritage site in 1987.


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