Iceland October 2017

I took a short trip trip to Iceland in October of 2017. These are the photos from that trip. Please click on the photos for larger versions or on the videos to watch.

I flew into Reykjavik, arriving around 5 pm. I could not check in until later in the day so I wandered around a bit freezing and exhausted. I stayed at the Hilton and thankfully they allowed me to shower and store my stuff before walking around, and then let me check in early. Below are my photos from my time in Reykjavik.

A couple videos from in Reykjavik.

Here are a few food photos, and a video of me eating the fermented shark.

After leaving Reykjavik, I drove the golden circle. My first stop was in Pingvellir National Park.

Geysir National Park:

Gulfoss Waterfall: Notice the people in the pictures for a scale of how large this waterfall really is!

Seljalandsfoss waterfall

Skogafoss Waterfall: I stayed in a hotel right next to this waterfall. It was chilling to hear the power of this waterfall in the pitch black at night!

Black Sand Beach:

The next group is a bunch from driving on Highway 1 along the southern coast of Iceland.

Glacier Lagoon:

Some animals:

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