Bellona, a Roman goddess By kylie emrich

This ancient Roman goddess, Bellona, was the powerful, courageous goddess of war. Her main attribute or symbol was her military helmet and her torch. She often holds a sword, spear, or shield. she was born on mount Olympus. Her parents were named Jupitar and Juno which were the king and queen of the Gods. Her siblings were Mars, Vulcan, and Minerva, which were all gods and goddess's as well. Gods and goddess's had made a powerful impact on the roman society. They were the people the Romans believed in and looked up to. This beloved goddess from Ancient Rome also has an equivalent from Ancient Greece. Her name was Enyo, she was a Greek goddess of war in Greek mythology. The Romans identified Enyo with bellona because they were so similar. Both Enyo and bellona were very determined, courageous, fearless goddess's. They both were the goddess's of war. They both were the daughters of the ancient empire leaders. Bellona's was Jupiter and Juno, which was the king and queen of the gods and Enyo's was Zues and Heras daughter. Zues and Hera were the king and queen of Greek gods. Even though there so alike they are a little different too. Enyo had different symbols. Her symbols were the Swan and the Sword and bellona was her helmet and torch.

Bellona, the goddess of war

Juno, her mother, also Queen of all the gods and goddess's

Jupiter, her father, Also king of the gods and goddess's

Mount Olympus

Mount Olympus was were most of the gods and goddess were born, including Bellona

Enyo, the Greek equivalent


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