End of the Fall Term Glorifying God by Building Laborers on the Campus for the Lost World

Both Campus Outreach Staff Teams here in Thailand (Chiang Mai and Khon Kaen)

Dear Friends and Supporters,

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and are doing well! We are quickly approaching the end of the first term (students are still buried in their books for finals). This also means, that I will be back in America for a few weeks to renew my visa and see family. God has blessed me these last two months with allowing me to have more gospel-centered conversations with guys from the Science football team. Below are some photos that capture those moments. I hope they encourage you as they have encouraged my heart in Christ.

Left to Right: Odd, Woott, Mam, Bop, Bob, Beam, Bomb, Toy, JP (photographer)
Video Games & Watching Football

This is a moment from my birthday party a few weeks ago. We watched some big soccer matches, played video games, ate cake, and talked. After the cake arrived Bob said, "Why don't some of you guys ask Taylor about his life?"

I just started by sharing with them the history of my life. Afterwards, Beam asked, "Why did you come to Thailand?" From time to time we get this question, but I don't think anyone in this room had asked this yet. So, I was able to explain the Gospel fully to all these guys. Some of them have been hearing bits and pieces from us this semester as we have had conversations, but for most, I would say this is the first time they've heard the entire Gospel. It was also helpful for them because Bob was translating as I was talking. We are always praying for and following up with these guys.

Beam, Woott, JP

Bowling is the last thing I would have expected Thai guys to do. For the past month we have been bowling with Woott every Friday. From time to time, another Science guy will come give it a try. Bowling isn't the most played sport here, but when people do something here they usually go all out.

Left to Right: Myself, Woott, JP

During our time bowling we have been able to have fun and also talk about more serious things. A struggle here in Thailand is to get honest answers from some guys because they are always in groups. Although Woott's mother is a Buddhist, he has been going to church with his father who is a Christians. This is incredible, because most father's are absent from the family system here, let alone be a Christian. After talking to Woott about what he has learned in church, he said he wants to study the bible together next semester.

Jack, Eng, JP

Here are a couple other guys that we've been spending time with this semester, Jack and Eng. We have been tutoring them in English. Jack is a Christian and Eng is a Buddhist. It has been fun teaching them English and having conversations about Jesus. We hope to continue teaching English to these guys along with other Science guys next semester.

End of Year Giving

Your prayers and financial support really do make a difference in the lives of students at Chiang Mai University. Would you or someone you know consider joining my team? Please email me if you or someone you know would like to join my team. Below is a link that will help you give online one time or recurring monthly support.

Prayer Requests

  • Safe Trip Home
  • Beam, Woott, and the Science Football Guys
  • Have closing conversations with students as the semester ends
  • Personal Walk with God, that I would find much more Joy in Jesus and walk in obedience.
Other Fun Moments
Loy Krathong (Lantern Festival)
Left to Right: Aaron, Lew, Arm, Austin, JP
Myself & Lew
Left Photo: Chiang Mai Staff, Right Photo: Chiangmai & Khon Kaen
Birthday Celebrations (24 yrs. old)
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