TravelSoccer By Calvin Loutzenhiser

Do you know how to play travel soccer? If you don’t then you should pick this article up and get reading to find out how! As you read this article you will learn how to try out for travel soccer, how to play travel soccer and what you need to play travel soccer.

To try out for travel soccer you have to go to tryouts. Tryouts are tough but you can do it! When you’re at tryouts there will be trainers there to instruct you. Tryouts last for one hour. When tryouts are over you will find out what team you’re on. There is the A, B and C team. The A team is the best the B team is the second best and C is the worst But some people don’t make any of the teams.

Playing soccer can be tough. The rules of soccer are … no using your hands unless you’re the goalie, no using your head, no sliding, no tripping and no pushing no shoving or anything physical.

You don’t need that much to play travel soccer. The equipment you need to play soccer are cleats, shin guards and a team jersey.

Now that you’ve read this article you know how to play travel soccer, the rules you need to know to play soccer, and the equipment you need to play soccer. Now you know all about travel soccer so you should be a pro!


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