Design YOUr own Video Games! Web Based Game Design Coming This Fall


DGIM 2530 - Web Based Game Design 1



A fun exercise in random number generation, jQuery, layout and usability testing. Click below to play now!


A fun shoot-em-up game where students employ collision detection schemes and trigger audio events


An old favorite from "The Price Is Right", Plinko applies realistic physics collisions with timeline animations.


Based off the children's card game, Memory introduces students to timing concepts like setting/clearing intervals and tracking game state.


DGIM 2530 is running this Fall on Tuesday Evenings at Saint Paul College. Only 1 Co-Requisite class is required, DGIM 2521 - 2D Web Animation, which you can take during the same semester. Student will build a variety of retro style video games from scratch and host them on the Internet. Along the way, students will be learning valuable, in-demand work skills in the areas of:

  • Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML)
  • Cascaded Style Sheets (CSS)
  • Graphics Creation (Photoshop and Illustrator)
  • Sound Editing (GarageBand)
  • Interactive Design (Tumult Hype)
  • Web Hosting (GitHub)
  • Javascript
  • Usability Testing
  • Game Logic & Problem Solving


“The Game Design class let me dive into the code of a game and learn hands-on how to apply what I knew. I could have chosen to focus on the aesthetics portion of the projects, but since I had the choice I got to do what was most fun for me.” - Sam S.

"These classes were a great introduction to game development here at Saint Paul College. What I loved the collaborative work environment the instructor nurtured. He covered the information in detail and left it up to the student to interpret and express creatively as they wished. This is a fun hybrid course, recommended to anyone who is interested in blending HTML/JavaScript, Graphic Design, 2D Graphics, Audio/Music, Animation and more.” - Gustavo G.

“Both of the gaming courses I took at SPC were fantastic. I loved delving into code for famous early games, and being able to dissect them. The way the course was taught was very intuitive, and went step by step through what each part did and how it all connected. The flexibility of the course also made it very enjoyable, as we were free to experiment with the new environment. I would recommend this course to anyone interested in coding, Graphic Design, gaming implementation, or just a feel-good course.” - Caleb T.

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