Adversity By: Morgan garofalo

Adversity means the overcoming of a hard challenge at a point in life. You might judge people by their appearance. I know i do sometimes. The thing is, everyone has a story you don't know. Even if you think you know the person pretty well, you don't really know what happens behind the scenes when you're not there. I don't really share my story all that much. Actually I've never really done anything like this. It's not a really great story or anything but it's kind of good for this type thing. Keep that in mind as you read.

My family consists of my mom; Jennifer, my dad; Roy, and my half brother; Hunter. We used to live as a family in Seymour. We left Seymour around kindergarten. After that my dad moved to oxford with my brother, I think, while me and my mom moved to Ansonia to stay with my grandparents for a while. After my grandparent's, my mom found a place in a little condo in Derby. Since then, my dad came back and we moved to a new derby house all together. My brother was off and on living here and a bunch of other random places. Now I'm in 8th grade and go to dms. I play basketball and softball and even possibly track for the shot put.

As far as adversity, I have been through a couple different things that I had to overcome. This is the story you probably don't know. 

I never really had an easy happy childhood. There has always been a lot of family drama. It started when I was born actually. When I was three I lost my grandma. There was also a lot of issues at home, mainly concerning my brother. There had always been issues with him argueing and fighting like the world was out to get him. You probably are thinking of course all families fight but you don't know mine and you won't ever really understand unless you're there. It was just scary to be that little girl not knowing what's going on while you hear loud fighting and screaming all the time. It's scary to be the little girl crying in the closet waiting for everything to stop. Or how about riding your first little tricycle out in the driveway while you wait for the cops to come. Is your family scared of your brother? Does your brother's grandma have a restraining order against him? Have you ever seen your own brother throw an axe at your dad?

By now, my uncle David disappeared. My aunt Kim and uncle mark along with my two cousins was gone. My uncle jimmy and aunt dawn with their 4 kids were gone too. Everyone moved and went to new places to live.

Oh yea and on top of that I've never been one of the pretty or skinny girls. And I had no one to talk to. I was really alone in 6th/7th grade and depressed because I felt bad about the way I looked and the comments people have the nerve to make to me. But I've always been one of those independent kids, probably partly because of my childhood. I had no one and I remember one specific day, I was playing with my little dolls and I had this white Barbie car, well I was playing with it trying to block out the yelling but my brother came over and smashed it with his fist and I ended up crying. I didn't know why he did that and I probably never will but my parents replaced it with a pink Barbie car.

I remember sitting in "Judys" office and hearing them talk while I played in the sandbox.

Now~ My advice if you have a case of adversity, is to not let your guard down and stay strong. I learned that I am much stronger than I thought I'd be and I know the ways to avoid the arguments they have. I can now just simply go for a walk. I'd say the way I have overcome adversity is just by living with it and try to work around the problem when there's nothing you can do to stop it. Just think positive and keep livin' it gets better, trust me. ❤️p.s. Don't judge a book by its cover.


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