Computational Logic By Ciaran Etheridge

Logic gates
Most logic gates have two inputs and one output. These are usually binary conditions: 1 or 0.
To work out the number of rows needed, on a truth table, the formula is 2 to the power of how many inputs there are.

The 'AND GATE' only gives an output of 1 or true if all inputs are 1 or true.

Truth table of an and gate
The equation symbol of an 'AND GATE' is a ^ b = c

The 'OR GATE' gives us a 1 or true output if even 1 of the inputs is one or true. If they're both 0 or false it output that value.

OR GATE truth table
The equation symbol for an 'OR GATE' is a v b = y

How many rows?

A ^ B = 4 rows ✔️

A ^ (B v C) = 8 rows ✔️

A —, = 2 rows ✔️

—, (A ^ B) = 4 rows ✔️

Truth table for the equation: A ^ (B v C)
8 Rows
Truth table for the equation:


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