iPad Pro Sketching by Gordon Silveria

The iPad Pro and Apple Pencil has inspired me lately to do a lot more sketching. I've always kept a sketchbook, because it's the best tool for unleashing creativity. But the iPad Pro takes it to a stratospheric level. It's like I had a genie grant my wish for the best sketchbook in the world. My favorite software is Procreate. Above is a portrait of my sister Diane.

Here's some friends, colleagues and my nephew that I drew.

It creates a diary for me. I remember each time spent with friends a lot better.
Digital sketching frees me up to try different approaches almost every time. My friend Tom shared a dot pattern brush that he made and I was able to use it for the skin tones in this sketch of my friend May. I like to put computer-y looking things in the drawings to let people know it's not traditional media. I'm tired of trying to make digital work look analog. People still categorize digital art as not "real art". I want to change that perception. Here's a brief overview of a portrait sketch in the Procreate software.

STEP 1: Take a photo. Tip: A profile is easier to draw because you don't have to match two sides of the face. Make three new layers. Label them from the top down: Line, Shadow, Color.

STEP 2: Lower the opacity on the PHOTO layer to about 40%. It makes it easier to see the lines you are drawing.

Here's the line drawing finished on top of the photo.

Here's the finished line with the PHOTO layer hidden.

STEP 3: Add the shadows on the SHADOW layer with soft airbrush or pastels.

STEP 4: Add some color on the COLOR layer to complete the portrait.

Here's the steps all at once.

There you have it! A simple and fun way to connect with your friends, colleagues and family.

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Gordon Silveria

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