Arlington, Texas Aya Husein

Location of Arlington, Texas
Arlington applies mostly to The Multiple Nuclei Model due to the fact that Arlington is more scattered then built in an organized fashion. I found there to be high-class neighborhoods next to middle-class gas stations and apartment buildings. At the same time I noticed that the construction sites were mainly in the low-class areas.
The image above shows one of the many boundary signs I saw driving through Arlington. All of these signs were placed in similar areas, urban wise, all being either in an intersection or on a highway, they were all next to busy traffic.
Left: Apartment building downtown ( 101 W Abram St, Arlington TX, United States ) Right: New Central Public Library ( 224 N Center St, Arlington TX, United States ) These construction sites are examples of new urbanization.
These two buildings are an example of gentrification in Arlington. The building on the right being more attractive to the middle class than the building on the left, proves it. Both of these buildings are currently not being used for anything but the building on the left used to be a hair salon. I assume that the building on the right was built to attract the middle and high class to that area.

These railroad tracks are one example of the few transportation options in Arlington. These look old and rarely used which ties into the economics of Arlington because majority of the Arlington population has a car or a bike.

This church is located at 120 E Division St, Arlington TX, United States and is near neighborhoods and transportation venues.

The image on the left is the ICafe, which is an Internet cafe where people can use the free internet provided. This is an example of the more middle to lower class area of this city. ( I'd like to note that Arlington is a financially rich city, therefore this isn't 'cheap' or 'lower class' but this is the lowest class in Arlington)
Here is an example of the higher-class area of Arlington, with newer houses and an expensive restaurant near each other. I believe that since these places are placed alongside other high class areas that the population in this general area is higher class.

I stopped by Tom Thumb to check out some of their products!

This product was grown in Texas.

This product is organic, everything this company produces is organic

This product has GMOS in it, to make the chicken bigger and more beneficial to companies who sell these products.

NONGMO Product

Bacon Cheeseburgers start at $1.00 at local fast food restaurants because the sandwich isn't healthy and unhealthy products are a lot cheaper to produce.
Some comparisons or GMO, organic, and natural


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