SEO and Digital Marketing for Lawrence O'Shea


Note: Meta Keywords play now a greatly reduced role in SEO due to abuse by some ‘black-hat’ SEMs. Since Google implemented its Panda, Penguin, EMD and Hummingbird updates to improve relevance in page rankings.

However, these are some keywords to consider:

Company Name Related

  • SSG
  • Support Services Group

Service Related

  • Recruitment
  • Recruiters
  • Employment
  • Start Up
  • Jobs
  • Admin Support
  • Payroll

Location Related

  • The Dower House
  • Berkhamsted
  • Hertfordshire/Herts
  • UK

...but keywords are just the tip of the iceberg!

The first priority is to satisfy Google’s three pillars of trust:

  1. Trust of age (how long has the domain been indexed by Google?)
  2. Trust of authority (to what extent is the domain referred to by other highly rated domains?)
  3. Trust of content (is the content on the domain of a very high quality, original and regularly updated?)

Age cannot be affected in this case - the domain is established and the website is live. Google have indexing records of from mid 2015 in its present form.

Authority can be affected by focussing on increasing external referrals to the website. Social media plays a large part. Interactions and individual referrals to the domain and individual pages will elevate the site’s Google ranking. Google will determine the site is more relevant if more people are sharing links to its site.

Content can be affected by focussing on increasing the frequency of new original high quality posts on the site. Google will specifically look to see how frequently the site’s pages are updated and the quality of the content and will adjust the page’s rank accordingly.

Examples of previous SEO work... / - Business Information and Lead Generation for an award-winning IFA firm

The website started as a necessity to satisfy the needs of the IFA firm’s service provider, Raymond James Investment Services.

Over time the website grew to include bios for the advisors and information related to the services provided and links to recent newsletters.

SEO has increased the performance of the lead-generating element to the website, with the web presence accounting for millions of pounds under management. - Generic Financial Advice, Lead Generation and Advertising Revenue

This website was a development born from a client wanting to generate leads, but also generate advertisement revenue.

The website has been registered with Google for several years, satisfying the trust of age pillar of Google’s algorithm.

The trust of authority had to occur organically, with the help of slowly building the social media profiles for the site, particularly twitter in this case.

The trust of content was most easily arranged. Agreements were formed with some news agencies and providers to provide daily content. Whilst this is franchised content (therefore not original) it has served to increase the traffic directed to the site and increase the profitability of the website.

More on SEO...

Only a balanced combination of the three pillars mentioned above and the more traditional keyword approach over time will result in the improvement of page rank.

Quality of content is imperative as Google Search gets more advanced in checking the readability of content and virtually sampling the website.

Social media is one of the most powerful tools available to SEMs today, having a loyal following on social media with individuals interacting with your site - sharing links, recommendations, etc - can be the difference between satisfactory SEO performance and great SEO performance.

Time and patience are the SEMs friends. Google’s algorithms are adept at finding what it considers artificially spawned links and excessive keyword use (since their abuse in recent years and Google’s steps to relegate these results). The best growth is organic growth - the key is creating the best conditions for organic growth.

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