Boom to Bust Visual Essay

Women: Home Life

In the 1920's, women were flappers, going out more, and having a wonderful time full of dancing and drinking.

The 1920's for women had changed drastically from the 1930's for women. Women were fierce and confident, but a decade later they were miserable trying to make ends meet.

In the 1930's, women were desperate for jobs because most were fired. Most women worked at home, cooking, cleaning, and making clothes.

Businessmen: Economy

In the 1920's, the economy for business men was booming. One of the most successful businesses was Henry Fords, for the fist car company. Jobs were given to many people because of the simplistic assembly line to make the car.

The 1920's for business men was outstanding, several inventions were made daily and millions of dollars were poured into the bank. By the 1930's, the stock market crash caused all of the profits business men made disappear.

In the 1930's, the economy for business men was ruined. A terrible stock market crash occurred that made people lose all of there money, and they had nothing left.

African Americans: Leisure Time

In the 1920's, African Americans were going through some troubles but there form of recovery was through music, art, and literature. The Harlem Renaissance was an amazing opportunity for African Americans.

The 1920's for African Americans was filled with amazing opportunities from the Harlem Renaissance. African Americans were doing what they loved and also working and making money. By the 1930's African Americans were miserable, mostly fired from jobs and desperate for shelter.

In the 1930's, the problems African Americans were going through got worse, most were fired, had no money, and racial tension was increasing.

Women: Leisure Time

In the 1920's, leisure time for women was splendid. Women went to the theater, they danced as flappers, they went to speakeasies, and had a very fun time. They were out of the house more and living freely.

Women's leisure time changed a lot from the 1920's to the 1930's, they were having a lot of fun of changing their image and being independent, it all went down hill and they just went back to their daily rituals.

In the 1930's, women spent there leisure time making everything by hand since they had no money. They were running out of fun and outgoing things to do so they would only stay home, cook, clean, and make clothes.

Businessmen: Role of Governemnt

In the 1920's, the role of government was in the hands of Herbert Hoover during the great depression. He tried his best to fix all of the problems going on in the society, but not much was solved.

The role of government changed from the 1920's to the 1930's by having Herbert Hoover as our president to Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

In the 1930's, the role of government was in the hands of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. He was a great president who made relief, recovery, and reform and also created the New Deal. Many people admired him for his fire side chats.

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